I am reasonably certain that every individual gets a little grumpy from time to time. Their is no specific reason, and if asked, one normally gets a little offended, in that you think you are being  reasonable in each of the instances when something is not exactly the way you think it should be.

I succumb to this malaise, specially after I have drunk too much wine the night before. (one might call it a hangover, yet no headache exists, but the body is tired)
Cindy eventually realized a spanking would chase away the grumpiness, and thus I was spanked.

Cindy stated for us to go to the bedroom, and that I should retrieve the heart shaped metal studded leather paddle, and the bath brush.
Bare bottomed, over Cindy's knees, she started hard and hot with the paddle, and I was responding in no time with a few noises and some feet movement. Cindy was intent on doing a memorable spanking, as she used both glancing upwards and downward strokes, then square on full force, staying in one s pot for a while, then moving to another spot, and then varying the position of each spank. She lectured about my drinking too much wine, which I acknowledged readily.
A pause occurred, as she put the leather paddle down, and then picked up the wooden bath brush. Afterr a few spanks, and feet dancing on my part, I moved forward on her knees to give my shoulders a bit of a rest. Cindy paused to ask about my shoulders, and when I stated they were a bit sore, Cindy had me get up, and we moved to the bed to continue the spanking. My shoulders were not meant to hurt, only my bottom.

Cindy sat against the back of the bed, and  I was stretched over her knees, thus no weight on my shoulders whatsoever. Cindy recommenced the spanking, and the lecture, and gave me a very thorough spanking. when Cindy was finally satisfied, she stopped.

We then cuddled, I thanked her for the spanking, and kissing lead to more exciting adventures, as the love making and eventual orgasm for each of us was amazing!
Grumpiness solved, and wonderful sex!

Spankings work
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

You and I are both lucky men in that Cindy and R both can tell when a good spanking will solve a problem and both of them enjoy administering said spanking. For some reason when R is spanking me and scolding I feel more submissive and accepting the spanking.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, your lovely wife Cindy is very perceptive and certainly quickly gave you the appropriate medicine! I bet you did not sit down at breakfast ! I have had a dose of the same painful medicine so I can sympathize ! I agree the end result can be very exciting and satisfying!

Red said...

archedone: yes, we are very lucky. When being scolded and spanked, this definitely ups the feelings of being submissive.

anon: the discomfort(pain) is well worth solving any problem, or any misbehavior. Thanks for commenting
bottoms up