saddle up (for Ronnie)

I remember Ronnie explaining how she had seen a horse saddle, and imaging being spanked while bending over it!
Having read about it, when in Florence Italy, I did see a riding shop, with so much leather that Florence is famous for (besides David), and had some  delightful thoughts of seeing Ronnie bent over like this.

I am reasonably certain that Cindy would then have me in this position, after P had finished with Ronnie. Two very pleasant thoughts!!!
Your smiles for today
 if women watched cooking shows the way guys watch sports
 and remember
so pleasant dreams to all
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

I can imagine when you thought of Ronnie bent over a horse saddle you had a big smile on your face and a bigger smile when you thought of your bottom on display while you bent over it. That would make Ronnie smile.

Baxter said...

Good picture bent over a saddle. that is a great thought. actually bent over anything is a good thought.


Red said...

archedone: very true

baxter: definitely a truism in life
bottoms up