F/M spanking tumblrs

I am always amazed when I click on links, to see just how many F/M spanking blogs exist on tumblr.
Only active for two months, but with a wonderful collection of focal point month of June photos
the shoe

http://monsieurclaudespank.tumblr.com has a mixture with a significant number of F/M, but also some other items designed for a different audience
she may be saying you are NEXT




Enjoy travelling the F/M spanking world also.
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

There are many sites where one can enjoy the world of spanking you always find some good ones. I don't know if I told you but my first spanking I had requested because I upset her. I handed her a wooden spoon and said I'm sorry will you spank me and maybe we will both feel better. She did and we did. Since that time our spanking takes place quite often to my pleasure and she has many more implements to use on me.

Michael M said...

Thanks for the links. One or two new images amongst them.
Hope all well with you.

Baxter said...

great selection of photos. Google Images has lots of them also. try 'restrained spanking', 'women spanking men'. there are other variations.


Red said...

archedone: wonderful that your wife agreed, when you first suggested it. spankings do settle a problem, and permit a couple to move onwards in love.

michael: you are welcome

baxter: so many to choose from....

bottoms up