Dresses are fab (specially commando)

Today is dedicated to women having fun, and I promise you that men certainly enjoy it.
Posing for photos certainly ramps up the excitement level
and having earlier decided to go COMMANDO specially for the photos
Almost commando, but Emma is excused, and look lovely
This is so much fun, even if you are just going for a stroll around the apartment block
or taking a rest while shopping
what a delightful stop for coffee.. and is the saying coffee, tea, or me..... the me wins absolutely

There are advantages to a breezy day
 and advantages for low  tables so as not to block the view
anywhere, any time
and a stroll in the park can be delightful

Personally, I wish that they had cell phone cameras when I was young. It would be fun to look back on some of our risque adventures! however, we do have many from different vacations with Cindy being naughty, totally on my suggestion!!!!
Yes, it is worthwhile being naughty!

bottoms up


Baxter said...

So a reasonable question is: How many women are naughty running around without panties on? I have yet to see any like this, but my eyes are always open.


Quentin QBuzz said...

Care to share any of your younger 'nayghtiness' in more detail?

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful when women are being adventuresome and giving little flashes. R has done that a few times for me but I never had a camera with me. And like Baxter never caught anyone else flashing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red, I am shocked by these naughty women going without panties or even thongs !!! To think one of them might be standing next to in a queue in a bank or. a tbus stop,or even sitting nextto you ! The maddening thing is,you would never know! T.

Red said...

Baxter: keep looking, fun is just around a windy corner!

Qbuzz: Seems like a good reason for a post. thanks for the idea

archedone: you should carry a camera more often, for both of your entertainment

T: truly ;sad that I am at least too old for them to be flashing!

bottoms up