clothing optional beaches

I enjoy visiting clothing optional beaches,
and am very happy to wander the beach without clothes.
Cindy is not as comfortable as me, but if far from home, she will remove her bathing suit for most of the day, and also go swimming naked. Cindy is remarkably beautiful, with nice natural breasts. It is very good to see people's natural bodies, but you do unfortunately see women who have whad their breasts enhanced. SO SAD!!! Every size and shape is beautiful, except artifically enhanced!
We visit club Orient every time we visit St.Maarten, and the only fee is to pay for the chairs and umbrella that you rent for the day, about $20.  Most men do not worry about how they  look naked, whereas women are more modest (usually) This next photo seems to give truth to the statement!
If you enjoy these type of pictures, and specially if you like the men naked and the women clothed, then

you should visit 
There are a number of CFNM pictures
in addition to beach photos
so take that photo with a naked person soon
but remember who is in charge, so do not insist she take her clothes off at the beach
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Although agree about beauty of natural breasts and loved market day among Muria of Central India where girls normally have red dress attached to neck ring leaving breasts bare,i am happy that (my) girlfriend has had breasts reconstructed after cancer while knowing only too keenly you mean .

Anonymous said...

I would love to go to a clothing optional beach however R does not agree with me so I can only enjoy photos of others having fun.

Red said...

anon: if necessary due to an illness, absolutely a great idea. However, because they are too small is never a reason! Natural is better!

archedone: remind R that she can be fully clothed if she likes, and you can be as unclothed as she likes. many beaches have far more men naked than women, and their is ZERO pressure to disrobe, unless you go to a nudist resort, which is not the same thing, and even their I still think it is at your discretion!

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ronnie said...

On the odd occasion I've visited nudist beaches (though I wasn't nude) I found there were more men than women naked. A lot of women topless but not nude.


Red said...

ronnie: it is liberating for me to be nude, but everyone is different, depending on their upbringing and how they have accepted or altered what was normal. P, you, Cindy and I have altered our lives by involving spanking.
More men seem willing to go nude than women. Some of this could be how we see ourselves, and the cartoon I published some time ago showing a woman looking in a mirror and seeing herself fat even though we see her as slim, and a man who we see as normal sees himself as superman in muscularity.
I am glad that you enjoy whatever you do! Try nudity once is my recommendation! I find it liberating!
bottoms up