The advantage of having a consensual spanking arrangement, is that I can ask to be spanked, and Cindy will follow through on my request, ASAP!

Having had too much wine the previous get together with friends, I decided that I need a spanking before we went out, to remind me to be more aware!

Cindy did say we did not have much time, so I suggested the cane is quick and effective. Cindy agreed, so I retrieved the cane, bared my bottom, and bent forward at the waist with my hands on the bed.

Cindy gave me about 15 or so strokes, not significantly hard, but quick and all in the same small area. She said I could stand up, and I thanked her, and went to the bathroom to view the redness. The area was quite red, but not very sore.
 As we continued getting ready, I decided ot ask Cindy to do a few harder strokes, as she does not spank hard with any really effective implement. She readily agreed, this time I was standing, bare bottomed, and the first two strokes were EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE, on the top part of my bottom, that is rarely spanked, and then proceeded with many more somewhat less intense but more effective than before, and then she switched hands, changed sides, and dealt a few more cane strokes, as the far side of the bottom had less red and she aimed specifically for that portion.
This was now a truly effective caning, and I thanked her. Cindy stated how intense the first two strokes stood out on my bottom, and I stated that i am fine, and I hope that is how all the strokes might be given in the future.

We had a delightful lunch out with friends.
This is how the two stripes looked with the loser part of my bottom quite red, but this woman's bottom is far nicer to look at1
Ask and thou shalt receive!
bottoms up


Red said...

Baxter posted this... but from an account that shows a realistic name, thus I deleted the post, but copied and printed it here! Pease be careful Baxter:

Asking for a spanking can be a leap of faith, but once you have done it, it becomes easier. I have asked for spankings and end up with a sore red bottom and that meets my immediate need.

Anonymous said...

I've never asked for a "behave with our company" spanking but did get one at her insistence prior to company coming for diner. The last time we were together there was a political debate that she was not happy with. For this spanking I was laying on the bed and she used our hair brush and throughout the spanking explained why I should not talk politics and her point was well received.

Anonymous said...

Hello Red, You are a brave man!! Asking for the cane!!! That take courage indeed!!

In our house my punishment for too much alcohol is an old fashioned bare bottom belt spanking followed by some corner time and then a cleansing enema.


Anonymous said...

Unlike the hairbrush, the wooden spoon or the martinet, the cane is used only infrquently (though often enough!) in our household. N. had a rattan cane she had found in her grandmother's attic (and used once in a while...)
J. "inherited" that cane - and later got herself another one, both of which come out of the closet only when I have seriously misbehaved...


Anonymous said...

I am sure you remember the TWO canes my sister keeps in her country house in Burgundy!.. They raised nice welts on your backside :-) -- enough for you to escape any further whipping until we got to Spain !


Red said...

Baxter: better to ask, than simply misbehave to get a spanking, which would probably not work, and definitively would change the dynamics of the spanking situation (for the worse)

archedone; that is what I would call a behavior spanking, and I am certain it worked. For a pleasant evening, no politics, and no religion conversations

jayjay: sounds interesting. we have never tried the enema.

L: canes can result in a very heavy spanking
J: L is well looked after on both sides of the ocean

bottoms up

Unknown said...

Same here it is what I got in college and I was already 19.....saved me a DUI but was red for a week....thanks dad I love you still