August 8 is Consensual Spanking Day: : are You READY?

The idea of celebrating our love of spanking must have started on some site, but I have not been able to find the original idea posted somewhere. A few sites denote it as July 3rd, maybe fireworks beofre July 4th USA celebrations.

So, if you agree with a  CONSENSUAL SPANKING Day celebration, consider setting up a post for that day in advance, and scheduling the post to appear on August 8th
Here are some links to blogs and other sites that celebrate spanking that is consensual!



One site (not listed) disparages the idea that a separate day should exist to celebrate our fetish, and I do agree that any day is a good day for a spanking, but a special day for a special spanking is WONDERFUL!!!

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Hermione said...

Hi Red,

Thanks for the heads up. I'll try to work that day into a brunch topic for next Saturday.


Baxter said...

Great idea. I have a special day coming up and that is my birthday, Aug 16, when I turn 59. We will be waking up in a hotel so I will have to remember to pack an implement for my wife to use.

Anonymous said...

Okay, now excuse my slow thinking but how do I "schedule a post" for a future date?
I think it is a good idea so I called my sister who has been the family disciplinarian for years, covertly among those who do not understand. A few days ago I had sent her three or four of the photos from the "Being Undressed" postings and we had a great chat. She laughed and said, "You always became far to excited and willing to have me pull your slacks and panties down even by one of my friends." I admit that while she sometimes humiliated me in front of her neighbors, and several of those photos brought back some memories
We live too far away for her to spank me this month, but she said I must use one of my wife's belts, about an inch wide on my heiney until I have tears forming in my eyes. My wife is one of those who oppose all forms of corporal punishment even in role playing. I am to call her up when I do it and explain what I have done to deserve a spanking. She first wanted pictures, but I reminded her that the house phone is a land line that doesn't have a camera thing.

sissy terri said...

i will do my best to get spanked. Won't even be naughty. i think just bringing it up to D might work!

sissy terri

Red said...

Hermione: you are welcome

Baxter: pack two, one when waking up with, and one just before bedtime.

Danny: if you have a blog, do let us know the name of it. when typing a post, blogger has schedule on the side, and you can choose the date and time, then publish, and it will store the post until date and time occur. Seems like it is time to have a camera on your desktop, so you can skype your self-spanking. pictures are eminently easy, then upload to computer and send (remember to delete) Have fun!

sissi terri: have fun

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

L. gets spanked often enough... but I guess I can manage something special for him on August 8 !


Red said...

J: something out of the ordinary would be wonderful.. that might be hard to think of....
good luck
bottoms up