Adventurous Clare Fonda

Clare is a very beautiful and interesting person, and I have read some interviews with her.
Today, however, I just thought I would post some photos of Clare.., where she gets to enjoy being spanked
She is willing to have her bum bared for a spanking
and happily return the favor
or simply be given a good hand spanking, first trying to object to the spanking
however, becoming more accepting as the spanking progresses
simulated or possibly real feet movement
and ending up with a well spanked bottom
She is willing to display her gorgeous body
submit to a bit of mouth soaping
and are her feet being tickled (that might be the worst punishment)
but a really red bottom is wonderful
even if it brings one close to tears (but are they real)
maybe after this post, Clare might request me to "volunteer" to be one of the men she spanks so well! Let me know, Clare, if you need a model  whose face is obscured from the camera


bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Clare does have a beautiful bottom that anyone would love to spank. She looks so beautiful with red cheeks. If R would permit I'd even be a subject to one of her spankings.

Rich Spankman said...

Thank you for putting up these pictures of Clare. She's my all time favorite.

Red said...

archedone: if Cindy would permit it, I would volunteer also

Rich: you are very welcome
bottoms up