A Poll: catching up on Birthday spankings!

Looking at a recent post by Ronnie, it had artwork suggesting a late birthday spanking.

This lead me to think about the idea of asking your partner for a birthday spanking once a month on the special day (or the last day of the month if your day is numerically not present that month. Your birthday might be the 31st, and some months do not have 31 days)
The idea is that you PROBABLY did not come out about your kink about spanking until well into the relationship.
Thus, if you were married for 25 years before suggesting spanking to your partner, then you are owed 25 birthday spankings.


birthday spanking catch-up

Would you like the idea of being spanked monthly to catch-up on birthday spankings that were missed

we participated in spankings from the beginning of our relationship
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I think your wife or husband would be happy to accommodate you
first, the wondering why you suggested it
then the realization it would be a REAL spanking
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Baxter said...

interesting idea. I may just suggest this. Early on in our marriage, I asked R to spank me and she said no, that I was a pervert. It wasn't until we had been married 20 years that she read a Fiona Locke spanking novel book that she got it and has been spanking me at least weekly ever since. So yeah, maybe this week I will suggest a monthly birthday spanking on the 16th and will get caught up in a couple of years. My birthday was this past weekend and I did get the required spanking.

Anonymous said...

What a good idea not that she needs a reason to spank me. Like Baxter maybe I'll suggest it to her.

Red said...

Baxter: good luck with the suggestion

archedone: let everyone know the results if you do suggest it.

bottoms up