The dilemma of having a spanking blog

The dilemma of having a spanking blog, and trying to keep it from children is well explained on Bonnie's blog.

You might want to pop by, and see what Bonnie has written. these ladies will be waiting to give you your spanking for visiting a  spanking blog

 bottoms up


Anonymous said...

The woman in the blue bikini. I am ready to pay for my transgressions maam. I am sure you will teach me a lesson I wont soon forget . Maam? Ohh yes , "bares bottom" I'm sorry I'm sorry. "Crawls over knees trembling"

Baxter said...

My wife knows I look at this blog and she did look at it once. However, while she doesn't understand my fetish, she has no problem wielding a crop or paddle or wooden spoon when I need it or want it.

all good pictures, but the first one seems to be the one more serious about dealing with a naughty male.


Anonymous said...

All of them look like they could deliver a well deserved spanking. I'm betting they would also spank just because they wanted you to have a red bottom.

Red said...

anon: very true
Baxter: all of these ladies are carrying mean looking implements
archedone: I agree
bottoms up