spanked for rudeness

Leaving the bath brush and metal studded heart shaped leather paddle on Cindy's dresser, had her address the rudeness issue the day immediately after my behave or else spanking!

The spanking was to be somewhat different however, where Cindy sent me to get three implements, and bring them to her in the family room. The implements should be sufficient to address the issue!!!!

I brought the leather fingered strap, the heavy BODY SHOP wooden bath brush, and the cane! Cindy was delighted with my choices (?)
First, I had to strip off all my clothes, while Cindy lectured as to why I was being spanked.
I then positioned myself leaning a bit forward on the back of the couch! Cindy did a few spanks with the bath brush, then remarked that this one is significantly heavier, and I readily agreed. I am certain that I was squirming somewhat trying to protect my bottom, which I know to be foolish and also impossible. Cindy did slow methodical middle level spanks, alternating cheeks. Any really hard spank would be blistering for certain, and probable bruising.

After maybe thirty spanks, with a pause for catching her breath, and letting my bottom realize how sore it was getting, she picked up the leather fingered strap. For this she informed me to bend fully over the back of the couch, with my hands on the seat of the couch. Now she whaled away with enthusiasm, knowing that the sting was intense, but no bruising would occur.

She paused, and then did another flurry, being certain that it went around the sides of my bottom as well as the  main part, and even did the closest cheek just to make certain it had the total embrace of the strap.

Finally, Cindy stated that maybe we should finish up with the cane. Cindy had me raise up a bit, then slow methodical cane strokes greeted my burning bottom. Cindy likes to do mid level strokes, enough so each is well felt, but sufficient that she can apply many without bruising. Some were corkers, and some mild,  my never knowing until I heard the speed of the swish, which was just an instant before impact.

Finally, Cindy stated that we should finish up, and asked how many more strokes I thought I needed. I was a bit dumbfounded, and floundered in wondering what to say. Seeing my hesitation, Cindyu announced that their would be seven more, and that I should count them out loud.

Each was administered with gusto, as I counted them out.

When Cindy stated I could stand up, I thanked her for the spaanknig, and promised to behave better in future.

it is hard to see,a s I used a program to cut the amount of pixels on  the photo above, but their are definite cane strokes on top of all of the red, and some on the top of the back of the  legs.

Cindy then took a picture of my bottom for me, and we moved to the bedroom for absolutely mind blowing passionate love-making.
bottoms up


Baxter said...

Cindy certainly takes her responsibility for your discipline seriously.


ronnie said...

Cindy certainly dealt with your rudeness.Perfect.


Anonymous said...

Stripping in front of her in the family room. CFMN. Three different implements. And bent over the couch for maximum skin exposure.

Vert well done by Cindy!!!


Anonymous said...

I must say I admire Cindy. She is not lax in controlling your bad behavior. I have also been sent to fetch implements for R to use on me. What I find interesting even though you were punished, wonderful sex followed. To me that shows all is forgiven. I was lucky to receive a maintenance spanking on the 10th that left my bottom a wonderful color.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could convince my wife to make love after I have been punished. Especially after severe discipline I am passionate to make love and climax in the woman who just spanked me. But she has never allowed it other than when we were first dating.She thinks it makes discipline just a sex game but I think it would be a wonderful way to make up afterward.I doubt she will ever change her mind but I am glad at least you get the chance

Red said...

Everyone should remember that spanking in our house is consensual. Cindy agreed before the spanking that my complaint was valid (somewhat), just that I had not responded correctly. Thus, the spanking.
Baxter: she does an excellent job
Ronnie: definitely perfect, as a spanking should be thorough
Matt: very true
archedone: all is forgiven after a spanknig, and forgotten, except that the reason should not re-occur
annon: keep asking, in that if all is forgiven, the love should prevail! However, if the reason for the spanking occurs again in the near future, expect your bottom to be RED RED RED!
bottoms up