legs up (ouch)

A few photos of a really nasty position to be spanked in...
the legs being held up gives so much tightened bottom skin to spank
The crop can find so many places to land
a new way for over the knee, and the man being held is not going anywhere
she found he tried to escape before the spanking was done, so she remedied the situation
The belt looks very effective
but this couple have developed a platful method of spanking and pleasure
bottoms up


Quentin QBuzz said...

Some really sexy pics here Red. This position also puts the genitals nicely on display for toying and teasing

Anonymous said...

By nasty you meam wonderful ?

Anonymous said...

That is a revealing position for sure. Great for administering a punishment enema as well as a severe spanking. Thanks for all the wonderful photos and ideas Red.

Baxter said...

Nasty or really erotic for both participants. Revealing, yes, but in a really nice way.


Anonymous said...

This is a nice position.......very revealing and humiliating which adds to the excitement and my wife uses this position at times. Very very erotic

Red said...

qbuzz: very true

Jo: maybe, maybe not

JayJay: you are welcome

Baxter: true

anon: glad you both are happy using this position
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Why is it that something that was so humiliating and painful causes such a strong arousal even after so many years ?
I am sending a copy to my sister with a "thanks for the Memories" note. Maybe when I visit her next Fall she will want to do it to me again.

Red said...

daniel: spanking in our relationship involves arousal for both of us. Seems to me that it would be better to find a compatible partner for yourself, and then see if they might accommodate your wishes
bottoms up