finding a birching spray (spanked)

One of the thrills of traveling is experiencing new unexpected treats. We have travel led extensively over the last few weeks, and happened one day to be in a very charming museum. [Sunnmore open air museum in Alesund, Norway].

This museum has furnished houses from previous times, moved from their original location to Sunnmore. It also has boats from many different eras, and reconstructions of Viking ships, along with artifacts from ancient times.

Many of the houses are raised on rocks, so that they do not touch the ground, and the roofs are covered with peat, with grass and shrubs growing on them.

We visited on our own, and the place had few visitors at the time! A great discovery for us, is that in one house... Cindy and I found
a birching spray, whose only purpose was to birch someone. Cindy eagerly picked it up, and turned to me, nodded, with a look that shouted: BARE YOUR BOTTOM IMMEDIATELY.
I readily complied, and Cindy gave me about five strokes with the birch, each a bit harder than the previous as she found her rhythm, but then stopped, as we did not want to damage the implement, nor be discovered.

In retrospect, no one was around, and we should have used it extensively, and then left the somewhat broken spray with a $20  dollar bill, that would have delighted whoever that would have to make another.

They could even build a little cottage industry, by providing a birch spray, and privacy for thirty minutes, at a reasonable price to visitors.

http://spankingart.org/wiki/Birching  (this artwork shows our enthusiasm)
and one photo of the birch 
enjoy your travels
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

That looks like a evil instrument of correction indeed. Bet you felt those 5 strokes. Did they explain the use of the birch bundle right there in the exhibit? I wonder if you were the first bad boy to get a taste of discipline right there on location so to speak?
Have fun....JayJay

Baxter said...

Well, why not try out the birch spray? That is a great story and it is really good that Cindy is so into spanking that she 'got in the mood' right away and of course you were ready, willing and able.


ronnie said...

You were brave as you could have been spotted.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back you were missed. Glad you enjoyed your travels. It's always wonderful to explore the past. And in this case Cindy found something very useful and put it to use and you were more than willing. Maybe you could make her one at home.

Red said...

jayjay: no explanation as to why it was in this house, and nobody in the house except us.
Baxter: very true

Ronnie: not that brave, but nobody was in the vicinity whatsoever, as their were next to no visitors at the time, and this was quite a large area! I bet you would have taken the chance.

archedone: we just might do that
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I much prefer to use a single, freshly-cut switch (about as thick as my little finger) as it leaves clear marks on L's exposed derrière, and is not apt to shatter (as a bunch of birch twigs tends to do, in my experience). Should a switch break "in the act", it can easily be replaced by another - whether cut directly on the spot if we are hiking in the woods, or (if the "outdoors season" is over) by one of the half-dozen or more that are soaking in water and vinegar in the special crock I keep under the kitchen sink (and that L. has to re-supply twice a month).


ps: In fairness, I have to acknowledge that I learned most of this from N.

Red said...

J: always wonderful to learn from others. Cindy certainly could learn some great ideas from you.This makes a lot of sense, as we tried a little with a birch spray, but the mess can be immense
bottoms up

Under her strap said...

Yes the mess that can be made after a birch has been used to destruction as it should be. so despite our often wet weather in spring Mistress and I would set off to the Highlands with a birch already made up find a secluded spot of which there are plenty and then Mistress will use the rod to destruction on my bare bottom. This is indeed a "rare treat" which we manage two or three times during spring or early summer.

At least being outdoors solves the "mess" problem.

Disciplined Irish man

Red said...

under her strap; glad it works for you, but little thorns or cuts seem a potential problem
bottoms up