being undressed for a spanking (admiring the view)

If the gaze lingers
or with a lingering gaze
the spanking will be even more enthusiastic
when you are over her knee
and she intends to prove she was not distracted
as you hoped would happen
rest assured, the finger will soon point where you are wanted
and as the brush descends
the dance will begin
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Why is it that being undressed by someone this way is both humiliating and exciting ?
Both at the same time. And doubly so if there is a third party watching and snickering.
Also an additive is if the female is someone new and different either tugging the undies down or supervising/observing ?
What is it that makes the pain of a brisk spanking worthwhile when a female friend/wife/sister/cousin or whoever is exposing the so called "privates" ?
And again, despite the remembered pain these photos are equally arousing.
A few months ago I had a problem and was at a local ER being admitted to the hospital. They had me on a gurney flat on my back and one nursing assistant began the ceremony while another watched. I was in some pain, so the N/A went slowly and carefully, but not only did I not mind the pain, I enjoyed the watchful look of the second assistant. And every time one of hem returned to my alcove for some reason I felt a mild arousal. "Mild" is about all I can manage at my age.

Anonymous said...

when pants/panties are being lowered and a spanking is about to happen for me it's erotic (usually half or full erection) humbling and puts me in a submissive mind set. I know I'm going to accept the spanking, I know it's going to hurt and I know I'll be doing the spanking dance. I also know it's needed to correct a problem.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Good photos and the last one is Wow! What more could a wife need to really enjoy the undressing process and the progress of the hard spanking she is giving him or indeed me! It is also the ideal view for anybody invited to see his punishment ! I have been spanked by my wife in front of her mother or a close female friend of my wife and seeing this photo makes me wonder if I have given them a similar view when I have been struggling trying to avoid some of her hard strokes with her paddle or hairbrush! It is going to make me feel very embarrrrasssed in future if one of them is present knowing what I may be displaying as I lie over my wifes knees ! It is no wonder they have been full of praise for the way my strict wife has spanked me ! She is adding to her punishment items and has now obtained a strap!

Red said...

Daniel: hope all is well now. Age is a BITCH!

archedone: very true, and similar for many males. I wonder if women feel moist in the reverse situation.

anon: best to behave a bit better when friends are around.

bottoms up