being undressed for a spanking (the view)

Cindy has always professed a sorrow that my erection is about to disappear, when I am about to be spanked. I always reply that it can easily be revived later. 
A new site has a tremendous amount of these type of photos
They show the view that a seated woman has
when she has bared a man's bottom
and she may well be smiling to herself
but, with a determined look
That this man deserves a strong spanking
and that the site of his penis (whether erect or limp)
will not deter her from her mission
When younger, my penis would always be erect
but as age advances, I arise to the situation most times
but not always
I will not name the site, as it's premise is spanking boys. Fortunately, outside of the artwork, no children are shown in the tumblr.


Anonymous said...

Great photo set...thanks. I rarely show up for a spanking with an erection any more...partly age, I'm sure, but also because if I do, I'm required to "take care of it right now," which is humiliating as she watches. I deposit my, uhm, stuff, in my panties and go right over the couch for my spanking, which hurts much, much more just after a release. Great site...keep it up (so to speak)!


Anonymous said...

In our house if R feels a spanking is in order I'm sent to get the implements she desires and lay them out where the spanking is to take place. As I get them out knowing what is about to happen I usually get erect but not always. As she lowers my panties for the spanking she seems to ignore the fact that I'm erect as at the time she has spanking me on her mind. Like you she knows that after the spanking if she wants it hard again she can make that happen.

Red said...

Mark: happy to keep it up. Thanks for sharing

archedone: R is in complete contra, which is as it should be

bottoms up