behave yourself spanking

We use many different reasons for spankings,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
One type is as I have described numerous times, is a preventive spanking before we have a social occasion with people that can be unpleasant. This past weekend was one such occasion.

Cindy stated a few minutes before we were to leave, when we were both in the bedroom, that a preventative behavior spanking was necessary, and simply picked up the leather metal studded heart shaped paddle that was sitting on her dresser. This, and a wooden bath brush, having been sitting there since we returned home, as she stated that I was rude to her in the car when a friend drove us home, but that we needed a few days for our bodies to recover from travel.

Cindy promptly walked to the spanking chair and sat down,  and I followed obediently. Wiyth one look at my trousers, I knew to remove them immediately, and the underwear to bare my bottom, and immediately bend over her lap.

Cindy commenced with full force swats, that had me squirming a little in no time.  After quite  a number of spanks, she paused, to explain (the lecture) how she expected me to behave, and that my sore  bottom would be much worse as soon as we got home, if I misbehaved. She then began spanking in earnest again, and then adopted a new idea that she has ever done in all our years of spanking.

Cindy had me move a little forward, and then sort of pushed y bottom cheek up with one hand, and spanked very hard at the tightened skin at the place where your bottom meets the back of your legs. thus the spanks landed on that crack, and above and below it at the same time. Those spanks were truly felt!!!

When Cindy decided that she had done a sufficient job, my bottom was quite on fire!
I thanked Cindy for the spanking, at the spanking did indeed make the social event go smoothly, as I at times remembered how warm my bottom was, and shifted  positions a little while sitting.

The paddle was put back on the dresser, and I was NOT informed to put it away, as is the usual situation! Thus, the paddle and bath brush await a not to distnat future usage.

I must admit that no one visits our bedroom as we only occasionally have guests, and they never go in our bedroom. It is rather nice, and worrisome at the same time, to see them sitting there in plain view.

enjoy your spankings
bottoms up


Dan said...

I hate those preventative spankings. I always get them before we go to a function or before we go out to dinner either by our selves or with friends. It's amazing no one ever notices or says anything when they see me squirming in my seat.

Unknown said...

Cindy has been much to easy on your cheeks we need to get together and exahnge some tips on those 4 cheeks that need some discipline.

Glad you are home.......Joyce

Anonymous said...

I've never had a preventative spanking. I would believe they would be very effective. I've had my share of maintenance spanking to remind me to be good and they do work. Having an implement or two on display in the bedroom would remind one to behave also.

Red said...

Dan: might be they are used to you squirming. Personally, I feel the hot spanked bottom throughout the event

Joyce: thanks for the welcome home... and for the kind thoughts about how to spank me even more effectively... but if you mean that I say inappropriate things at times, or post inappropriate things, we do not do face slapping...that could be dangerous...but, reluctantly, mouth soaping is another thing we do not do, but could be effective.

archedone: Maybe you should suggest one sometime when you really have little to no interest in going somewhere.. it could become a regular feature.

bottoms up

Red said...

one last thought for Joyce.. what is good for the gander, is good for the goose!
bottoms up