beach and pool favorites

Just a random collection of why it is great to go to the beach or the pool, but first, a thought for men to consider
 Women wear bathing suits to look beautiful, because I cannot imagine a woman purchasing a bathing suit to look unattractive on her while she is wearing it! This first photo is over 20 years old, so some fashions never go out of date!
poolside discussions are sometimes solely to allow people to admire a woman's cute bottom
This man seems intent on the view, while the women near him wonders why she does not have his attention
 looking great, the woman in Red
must be certain to have some cheeky photos
 a stroll on the beach
Should I offer to help apply suntan lotion?
maybe I should offer to brush off the sand for this young woman
but, always visit a nude or topless beach whenever you can
my love of women has me snap these photos occasionally,
and they are nicer than posed post cards tha tyou can purchase
howeve, Cindy might be thinking the following about these photos
and any attempt to explain that I am just appreciating what these ladies are displaying ( a gift from mother nature) will not alter the outcome
for posting photos of this nature again.
 bottoms up



Baxter said...

Great cheeky photos. I enjoyed much of the same when in the Netherlands three years ago at the beach at the North Sea. Lots of cheeks and toplessness. Yeah I tried to not stare, well much, anyway. I am positive my wife and sister in law knew what I was doing, but so what.

Red said...

Baxter: life is to be enjoyed, and women are a part of life. Enjoy the view!
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Hi, I think one of the things that still make a trip to the beaches these despite the overcrowding is to see the lovely topless and, almost bottom less ,young ladies parading about knowing full well the effect they have on the majority of us males surreptitously watching them ! The trouble is that we married men are at the same time being watched by our wives or partners!! If my wife catches me she does not hesitate to take out her long pliable cane when we get home and and after a spanking orders me to bend over the arm of s chair and gives me a sound caning of up to 25 srtokes on my bare bottom, She makes sure it really hurts ,even if it is in front of someone like a female friend or her mother -how I hate taht ! She does not understand why i do it because she knows I am aware of her response ! do apologise but I will no doubt do the same next time!

Red said...

anon: we love looking at and admiring women, is why we do it. Just wondering where you live in the world, so that many women are topless on the beach?
bottoms up