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The idea of being spanked CONSENSUALLY is an appealing idea to many people. The scenario of spanking in it's essence is that one person is in charge (dominant), and one is the guilty person needing correction (submissive).
Many of us spanksters (I prefer this to spankos) find that spanking releases stress, solves problems, and can be a great boost to a couples sex life. It replaces silly arguments (where a day later neither party cares about the disagreement), being cold to each other, carrying a grudge, or many of the things that lead to conflict in a relationship.
It works wonderfully for us, where I am the person being spanked almost every time a spanking occurs, but the odd rare occasion, when necessary, Cindy is spanked for her bad behavior. Cindy truly works at not repeating the problem if she is spanked, as do I.

The next caption is very true. We never go to bed angry. If an argument has occurred, I am spanked! 
So, welcome to everyone who drops by regularly, or to first time visitors. 8 million page views, albeit many just to see the pictures, shows a wonderful amount of spanksters in the world.
PS: The number of page views is actually higher, because I did not start this counter until four or more months after I started the blog.

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Anonymous said...

I have to agree with all the statements made in this post. My spankings started to help with stress at work, then for correction at home and also to spice up sex. We also never go to bed angry. The only difference is my panties are lowered then I'm scolded, and after that I'm told the position I'm to receive the spanking in.

Baxter said...

Congratulations Red. Your blog is where I start everyday when looking at spanking stuff and your links to other blogs and tumblrs open a huge world to me. Your work in putting these together is appreciated and enjoyed.


Red said...

archedone: your experiences are similar to us.
baxter: you are welcome. thanks for leaving comments

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