the preliminaries before the spanking

The words just before you are to be spanked
 best not say anything
just retrieve the implement if asked to 
 and listen to the lecture as you are prepared
 your wife learned this motto a long time ago
 and she will not be satisfied for quite sometime
The above came from www.billacook.tumblr.com
bottoms up


Baxter said...

I like the determined looks as they hold the implement, and the captions informing you of your immediate future.


Anonymous said...

Very determined looks Baxter. Any of those statements could have come from my wife. Once she has made up her mind that a spanking is due, the next step is fetch her the implement(s) and bare my bottom and get into position with a well presented bottom.

Red said...

baxter: glad you liked them
archedone: a wonderful arrangement that your wife is totally a take charge woman
bottoms up