nudity and spanking :)

If you enjoy looking at spanking photos, (and you are visiting my blog)
Some spanking photos
are just exceptionally delightful
The look of anguish as the spank arrives
The preparation of the woman removing all clothing before being spanked! This woman looks delighted that she will be spanked (and we are delighted to see such enthusiasm)
A little pensive look is always interesting
The casual look at you (why are you going to watch me be spanked seems unspoken on her lips!
The slow walk to the spanker before going over her knee 
Sometimes in the sequence of spanking photos, they focus on the woman starting to bend over
well, the cameraman is usually male (so it is from his point of view)
but assuredly the nakedness is to increase the submissiveness and being not in control of the situation that the spankee feels
what other purpose could there be??????
so, if you like many of my readers, enjoy looking at beautiful women being spanked
and specially like women being spanked:  (This next gif : GRIN AND BARE IT)
then you  should visit

All photos, and so many gifs are available for your enjoyment, and today's post came from this site

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

My roommate Mother treats me as a daughter, we get along very well. I especially enjoy visiting, her home is so cozy, plus we get spoiled, out to lunch, shopping. My roommate told me her Mother is very strict and on our last visit I learned first hand.
We both got carried away and the next morning we stood before her mother, getting a scolding. It was when she pulled a chair to the middle of the room, we were informed that a spanking was coming. She looked at me and said your my daughter also and this is how I handle naughty daughters. I looked at my friend and she had removed her jammies and stood naked, I did the same. I found myself rubbing my bottom while my friend was being spanked. My turn I walked slowly, once over her lap I acted like a little girl, the hairbrush stung and I was crying and promising to be good. We both we standing there, rubbing and crying as she look at us, bathtime for naughty little girls and we both said yes Mommy. Once the bath was over and I was dried I hugged her and said I would be a good little girl, she hugged me, rub my spank sore bottom, and said naughty little girls need a spanking and I said Yes Mommy and enjoyed her hug.

Baxter said...

Now who would be looking at boobs when a perfectly spankable bottom is also on display. Hmmmm - boobs or butt, boobs or butt. I can't decide so I choose to look at both.


Red said...

anon: sounds like a good learning experience

baxter: as do i
bottoms up