ladies waiting to spank you

Fun photos to whet your imagination...
Do you think any explanation will get you out of being spanked/
She is smiling at the look of consternation on your face
Do not delay any longer.. she is getting angrier 
 Holding one wooden paddle, and two more beside her.. really start to worry
The magic finger points the way
She appears to be saying that if you delay one moment longer.. this will be so much stronger of a spanking
position one implement one
 position two, implement two, and you can no longer even keep your feet on the floor
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

A hairbrush, paddle in a woman's hand, you've stepped across the line. An lady I was dating warned me many times, I thought she was joking, wrong. She was serious and with that hairbrush of her landed on my bare bottom I gritted my teeth until I could not hold back any longer. I squirmed, cried, pleaded, she was not listening and that hairbrush had my attention. I did a spanking dance once off her lap, what made it worse was facing the wall.

Baxter said...

another great blog with good pictures.


Red said...

anon: better take warnings more seriously in the future

Baxter: thanks
bottoms up