Behave carefully in front of friends

A few of my readers have had this situation occur, but I believe most simply dream about the possibility!
 Friendly advice means your bottom will be toasted RED
 An explanation to the friend is always useful, letting her now that you are regularly spanked

and even letting the friend practice spanking on your  bottom...

these captioned photos come from  http://zatilla.tumblr.com
Pleasant dreams
bottoms up


Baxter said...

In my case, it is fantasy only to be spanked by my wife AND my sister in law. But it is an interesting one to say the least.


Anonymous said...

I learned that women do not get sexually aroused by the sight of a man's erection, my wife taught me that soon after dating. My wife threaten to spank me in front of others if I acted foolish or childish, she held true to her word. A good friends of her was present, I stood pleading, while my pants, underpants were pulled down. It popped out, and I could not get across my wife's lap fast enough. The friend enjoyed how I acted like a little boy, how the spanking got my attention. I danced around afterwards and then to my shock the friend had me over her lap and really got my attention. After the friend left my wife smiled and said this could happen again.

Anonymous said...

I'm spanked in private, thankfull, only once otherwise. I came off her lap in the bedroom, rubbing and crying, she stood up, now young man I'm not done and to my shock took me to the front room, her best friend was there. Told you it would be gone, the friend smiled, I knew, my penis had been erect, now limp. Want to see what a husbands acts like over his wife lap she said, and I was back over her lap and in no time squirming, kicking, pleading. A naughty little boy is what happens she said to the friend as the hairbrush land hard and quickly.
She stood me up and with a hard spank from the hairbrush told me to get to the bathroom and return in proper attire. I heard her tell the friend I had to pee and also that meant to remove the remaining clothing and return, hands on head and face the wall. When the friend left, walking over to me, my husband is going to become a naughty little boy, long over due. Be good now young man she said and I stood there saying nothing.

sub hub in phx said...

I am spanked privately. This, however, has always been a fantasy of mine.

Anonymous said...

I can't speak for all spanko's but I would love it if I had the embarrassment of being spanked in front of one of her girlfriends knowing that after the friend would spank me. But only a dream.

Anonymous said...

WOW what a rush and thrill to think of having to lower my pants and having my underwear yanked down to my ankles to being spanked bare bottom over my wife's sexy lap....IN FRONT OF HER PRETTY GIRLFRIENDS!!! (and I already have a great list in my head of who they would be! oh imagine if they only knew!!) can you all please share anytime this has happened to you? what was going through your head as you realized what was about to happen? who were the women who witnessed your spanking? where they shocked? giggling? smiling and smirking and just relishing the whole situation? did they say anything teasing or do anything sexy to add to you embarrassment? do they now always have a special twinkle in their eye or smirking smile whenever they see you? so would love to have this happen, just wondering if I might pass out from the embarrassment though :)

Red said...

Baxter: fantasies are fun.

anon; a fun life for certain, albeit embarrassing the first time

sub hub: I am spanked privately also... except when we visited Danielle

archedone: I totally agree
bottoms up