before attending the party

We, usually follow this practice, if we are going somewhere that I am not very interested in going to.
In addition,

a few last touches

and then you were foolish to joke about people being spanked at the party...
and if you ever do that again, I will tell everyone that I spank you  REGULARLY.
bottoms up


Baxter said...

Great ideas. I think these methods could be put into use when a husband has to accompany his wife clothes shopping. I tend to get cranky as my wife likes to look at all the displays and ask me what I think and do I look fat in this WHEN I would rather be doing something like my hobby or riding my bike or goofing off, NOT in a store. Maybe a glowing bottom would correct my behavior.


Anonymous said...

A prevent spanking prior to a party as a reminder sounds good to me. I also think even if one behaves at the party once back home there should be another spanking like maybe a good boy spanking.

Red said...

baxter: preventive spankings WORK!

archedone: one a day should be enough for everyone :)
bottoms up