a fun proposition

your smile for today... be adventurous
She is willing, but nervous
still wondering if this is a good idea
but after the spanking begins
the reality sets in
bottoms up


Baxter said...

of course, it is painful, but the afterglow and a little pain when sitting down makes it all worthwhile.


Anonymous said...

A lady I was dating found out that panties are best around the ankles, offer little protection if any and watching her bottom turn a beautiful shade of red is beyond words. Dancing around the room afterwards, just like a child is added pleasure. At fifty some years of age she learned never too old to be spanked. Standing facing the wall for a good fifteen minutes allowed me to enjoy my work. I finally could hold off any longer and gave her a hard spank and to the bedroom we went. She was very good that day and look forward to more spankings, both her and myself.

Red said...

baxter: i agree
anon: sounds like a fun relationship
bottoms up