spanked again

We are totally back to normal! Without great detail Cindy was unhappy  because (at times), some clothes she purchases I respond that it is not attractive on her, and she returns them. I feel she is very gullible to a sales person stating that oh! that looks wonderful!, or that is the in style now, when I am not shopping with her. When we shop together, she purchases things that we both think are great.

She came home from the shopping mall, and when I came out of the shower, she was sitting waiting in our bedroom with the leather studded  heart shaped paddle. Well, this time I did not have to undress for a spanking.

With just a little lecture that I sometimes undermine her confidence, it was bare bottom over her knee for a strong session of spanks with this implement.
The d... thing wraps, so my whole bottom was well lit up before she was finished.
When permitted to get up, I thanked her, and we carried on with the day. No sex followed this spanking, although I tried to seduce her. Her answer was that sometimes we make love after spanking, and sometimes we don't.
Not in the same manner, but Cindy did rub my bottom and stated she did like the red color on me!

Yes, being spanked when you come out of the shower is a more effective spanking for the same amount of effort on the part of the spanker.
It is a good day whenever you are spanked.

bottoms up


Baxter said...

Clothes shopping with my wife is painful. I sometimes tell her that I would rather be spanked than go clothes shopping. So I get a spanking and then have to go clothes shopping. When we are shopping for me, I make decisions right away. When shopping for her, it takes forever and she will pick up stuff and put them back only to pick up other stuff and try on and reject everything and then it is back to the racks. Horrible and yes, I would rather be spanked very hard than go through that torture.

Unknown said...

George would have received the same spanking and then I would have traveled to see Red and spanked his bottom wwearing what I wanted to wear.....high heels, hose and a short skirt having him wiggling and enjoying it until i picked up the wooden hairbrush and taugh you both some respect for our judgement....

Anonymous said...

When I get a spanking, haven just taken a shower, that means a longer time facing the wall in the kitchen, extra chores around the home. It the spanking happens on a Saturday morning, then my mother-in-law will see my red spanked bottom because that is when she visit for coffee. Only once when my wife needed to be someplace on Saturday morning did my mother in law stay longer, insured I stayed facing the wall and was told by her daughter, any misbehaving, spank him soundly.
Once did that occur and never again, she spanks harder than her daughter and insured when I had to pee afterwards to wipe it off and wash my hands with hot soapy water.

Anonymous said...

Not totally sure here, but my first gut reaction is: YOU BLEW IT, RED!

It sounds like your opinion of the clothes she wears and purchases is really important to Cindy (“With just a little lecture that (you) sometimes undermine her confidence;” “ (at times), some clothes she purchases (you) respond that it is not attractive on her, and she returns them;” and “When we shop together, she purchases things that we both think are great.”)

Second, she is seeking your attention, by giving you attention – attention that you like. You like being spanked, right? Cindy, spanked you, not because she was mad, but because you like it. And she used the Heart shaped paddle? (Do I really need to go there?)

Next, the sex that you say she denied you, is probably yours - but you have to earn it. “What do you have to do to earn it? Let's take a look at this from Cindy's perspective.

The situation is, somebody you love, and whose opinion you really depend on, whose opinion you think is important and always appreciate, displays a real lack of support and lack of approval for the clothes you just bought. “I do not like that!” or “Why did you buy that?!” or the ever popular “What were you thinking?!” type of response instead of the hoped for “That looks great!” or “That looks so good on you!” “That makes you look GOOD!!!” type of comment. Cindy is a woman – so assume the lack of support and the comments hurt her more deeply than the lack of support and your comments would hurt you or most other men.

And then, just to make sure that Red got the message that Cindy's feelings were hurt, she gave you a message exactly the way you said you wanted to get such a message – with a spanking. AND WITH A HEART SHAPED PADDLE! (Yeah, you really deserved that spanking! But It does not appear to have had the desired effect!) So, what could a man do to make such an important person – to you - feel appreciated, loved and supported again?

You know Cindy better than anybody else but I would suggest: 1) a heartfelt apology, maybe with flower (or candy or something to consume that Cindy likes); 2) a day spent with Cindy, shopping for clothes for Cindy – with a lot of supportive comments offered by you and maybe even some gushing compliments; and 3) a little bit of courting of Cindy – you know, just like the old days – before you were married (what some would call pursuit). So it is your move, but the worst thing you can do – is to do nothing.

Let us know what you decide to do - or what you did and the results. And thanks for the site - I really enjoy it. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm lucky that I've never had that problem. R picks out nice clothes. I do wonder where Cindy shops that they help her pick out clothes. Like Baxter I'd rather not clothes shop with her for the same reason. Spanking after a shower can sting more esp. if you didn't dry your bottom real good.

ronnie said...

You deserved the spanking Red and at the right time.


Anonymous said...

My wife enjoys the old school look of women and she does look very nice at that. She also feels spankings should be otk and the person naked, hence not able to run and get away afterwards. I accepted this punishment from her and understand I need it at times. I do enjoy being naked, makes me feel like a little boy and have finally excepted the wall facing time, even if someone drops in and see me. Just something about being naked over a woman's lap and being spanked like a naughty little boy, which as mentioned I feel very much like. As for an erection, it goes away quickly and she will make a comment seeing it stickout, that the hairbrush will take care of that. I feel strongly that if more husbands were spanked by their wives, marriages would last forever, read that somewhere and I agree with it. Sex plays no part in the spankings, she states naughty little boys do not get to have sex.

Red said...

Baxter: We have rules (sort of) when shopping.. making it a bit easier... only the regular racks, not the deep discount one of a kind, that never has the size wanted.. stick to stores that you normally have the right size, go shoe shopping on your own). Yes, sometimes I get spanked after a shopping trip.

Joyce Carroll: you are correct, and glad you live too far away.

anon: sounds like a fun start to the weekend. You are definitely learning how to behave while your mother-in-law is present

anon: really well put... I will describe the next few days later,a s we are very busy this weekend. Thanks for your comments

archedone: clothes shopping can be difficult, and sales people do work on commission

Ronnie: you are totally correct.

anon: thanks for sharing about your lifestyle. Sex usually but not always follows our spankings. Yes, a wooden hairbrush certainly removes any erection.

thanks everyone for writing
bottoms up