The toilet seat spanking(with humor)

Well, you have probably seen the traditional idea
 The hand spanking is the beginning
to be followed by some other implement and the lecture as to why you are being spanked...
but really
so, sometimes, I hope you can return the favor

 in whatever method you choose
maybe both can learn about bathroom rules
and most males love seeing some delightful red women's bottoms
and the beautiful look afterwards

bottoms up


a good boy and a bad boy spanking

The best of two worlds...

Cindy decided that I needed both type of spankings, so after, a quick freshen up shower, she dressed beautifully in lingerie, and called me to the bedroom.

After a little caressing and fondling, Cindy positioned herself on the spanking chair, and I was sent to get two implements; one leather and one wood.

I caressed and kissed and sucked Cindy's toes, before putting her spanking shoes on her feet. These are needed to raise her legs somewhat, making it easier for her to hold me on her lap.

it was then time for bare bottom over her bare legs, where some fondling followed by spanking with the wooden Bath brush. The spanks were not too hard, and a description of my good boy deed was recounted, and punctuated with some hard spanks to show Cindy's appreciation. A pause, with some affectionate massaging of my bottom with Cindy's hands was well received by me, quite arousing in nature.

Now, the leather fingered strap was employed, with gusto, as Cindy recounted what I had done wrong. she whaled away, and it nestled in delicate places while delivering sharp spanks. Cindy after a little while suggested that this was not a good position to use the strap, and short-with I was kneeling on the bed.
Cindy was able to give fully body and arm swings with the strap, and it was VERY effective. (The photo is the exact opposite, as the male was being spanked, not the female, but she looks much better than I do!)

When she decided that was sufficient, we made fabulous passionate love, with each of us having a glorious climax.

Good boy/bad boy... fun fun fun
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spanked with a visitor watching

This has only happened a few times in my life, and one occurence has been described here.

This photo shows a young woman not happy with the situation of being watched, but is in all likelihood a very good acting job for the camera for a spanking website.
It is a lovely photo though!
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how to ask for another spanking

When you look at this photo
The above action of giving the spanker the FINGER while doing cornertime after a spanking, would certainly get you another spanking. (and the smirk says she truly wants more attention)

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do you do this

thought for the day

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on the spot encouragement

Cindy is starting once again to be more proactive at home! That is, if I respond poorly to a suggestion, or display a little bit of attitude, it is immediate pants and underwear down, and a  short session with the wooden food stirrer in the kitchen! I am bent over the counter, with my bottom on prominent display for chastisement.
Those spanks are very effective, and interspersed with lecture on how I should be behaving.

This one was maybe just 15 spanks, but I certainly felt them, and am sitting on a hot bottom while typing this.

Spanking as behavior modification does work!

Do you  and your partner do quick on the spot small spankings for minor offenses?

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I recently described a bad boy spanking, and this was a good boy spanking. Cindy was very pleased with something that I did, specifically arranging to have someone cut the grass at our house weekly. Having had a heart attack a few years ago, the strain in heavy heat at times seems just a STUPID thing to do.
Shortly, later int he day, Cindy stated she was going to take a bath, and then would call me to the bedroom. When called, I arrived to see Cindy beautifully dressed in lingerie, and as we kissed, she said that I should fetch some spanking implement to reward me for hiring a gardener.

I retrieved the bath brush, as Cindy sat on the spanking chair. Cindy first requested that I kiss her feet, which I enthusiastically enjoyed both kissing, licking, and sucking on her toes before putting her high heel shoes for spanking.
With her shoes on, she patted her knee,
and I was bare bottomed over her knee, for a very long session of medium strength spanks that lit a fire in and on my bottom. She spanked slowly, and stayed in one area for a while, before moving to another spot to repeat the treatment.
A short rest, and then more rapid spanks as a finale, followed by going to bed and having absolutely fabulous sex. We have started verbalizing submissive scenarios while making love, and it has enhanced what was already mind blowing sex.
I must now think what else Cindy really really wants, so as to have another wonderufl time with good boy spanking.
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humor Fridays (older advertisements)

Thoughts that might make you smile:
We may be old, but a young beautiful woman eating old dick.... (that might merit a spanking)
This is so very true, but artificially enhanced... so sad, but then again, it is the woman you fall in love with, not the padding
but beware, alcohol alters perceptions
Now, this is downright TOO personal
the inevitable
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Have a fun weekend


Problem solving

I wish Cindy had started our relationship this way!
first the hand
and it can be very effective while you are being lectured
Hope the mother-in-law doesn't join in!
but to make certain this spanking is REALLY EFFECTIVE!
A bath brush is required
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A happy woman

It is always to your advantage, to have your partner being happy. Thus, if needed, volunteer for a spanking when you are in the wrong, and you know it.
She will enjoy your reaction shown by you for the idea of being spanked
and then her radiant smile is almost as radiant as your bottom will be.
Her smile is delightful (did you happen to notice her smiling?)
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nice hot summer days

I came across this site, that I thought was fun... and I also thought that I would love to attend this party!

I  wonder if anyone will say to him: a penny for your thoughts
This must be an exciting dress-up party
 Such fun photos at the beach that I never thought about before
 such wonderful sights
nature at it's finest

fun in the bushes?
John and Yoko
I was selective at this tumblr, going first to archive, and scanning for the fun photos I was looking for...
I saved these photos last June, and only found them yesterday looking for an idea for posting.
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