wife spanked by husband

Cindy's spankings are short and to the point, but they help to relieve stress and problems and to make a more congenial home environment.

We have both been suffering the after effects of too long traveling by air, plus battling colds, and various other ailments. It s a bitch getting OLD!

Today, Cindy was being off the wall, and I requested she bend over to be spanked. She permitted me to lower her jeans and panties, and bend her over the arm of the sofa, without a murmur of dissent.
Slowly, ten hard hand spanks, each being echoed by an owww by Cindy, and then I stopped and permitted her to get up. Thinking back, she was willng to stay in position for longer, but I thought this was sufficient.

On  rising up,l I reminded her to thank me, which sometimes does not happen willingly, but this time she thanked me without any fuss, and I think she actually meant it.

The day had it's ups and downs, but it has gone very smoothly, all things considered.
Spanking works!

PS: This is neither Cindy's bottom, nor did it really show any red.

bottoms up


Baxter said...

It is amazing how a spanking can clear the air and allow minds to focus. The other day I was moping around, feeling sorry for myself and R ordered me to the back room to assume the position. So I took off my shorts and underpants, laid over a pile of pillows, and she gave me a strong hard paddling, which I felt for several hours. I thanked her and the rest of the day was much more enjoyable for both of us. Spankings, when really needed, do work.

Anonymous said...

Flying ACKKKK. I had to fly a lot in my work so much so that today I will not get on a plane. I'd rather drive for days to get where I'm going unless to another country but then there are boats LOL. I'm glad Cindy accepted that she needed a spanking. It does get one's thoughts in order. It sounds like she actually wanted a longer spanking but you did what you felt was needed.

Red said...

Baxter: some for the fun of it, some because they help change a bad mood or bad behavior. Spankings work (I agree)

archedone: flying is fun, except when too long a flight like ours was. However, we enjoy driving also in good weather. all worked out well with Cindy being spanked

bottoms up