gifs spanking and sexual

Gifs have become excellent for quite some time now, so here is another short selection for you to admire!
If she asks, do fulfill her desire


Hahaha… like you (or any of your type) would need to ask.
The jiggle is lovely
as is the reaction to the cane
and after her spanking, she might just reward you
Here we go….
totally reward you

All of it. Good girl.

bottoms up


on the road again; blog NOT being monitored

Life is an adventure.... and their are so many wonderful sights to see on the way
make certain to have fun along the way.
 and be ready to smile
and enjoy the scenery
I so totally agree with this comment
and this is so very true (and makes your eyes go wonky)
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and make certain it is toasty red when you are finished the spanking
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adventurous tuesday: Nipple play

This is a small post for women to CONSIDER:
and to assert the concept that men's nipples can also be erotic. It can be a new experience for your partner, in addition to him playing and caressing your nipples, if you return the favor
This first photo is HOT!
Cindy has begun to do this quite regularly while we make love, and it is fabulous, adding a new dimension to our lovemaking! enjoy
of course, men's nipples do not come on such gorgeous packages
but one hand on the manhood makes everything erotic
Maybe we will not cheer like this lady
but as a part of love-making,
it can lead to spectacular results
so keep exploring,
we love it
here is a link to more photos
your daily smile
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sensual delight

This set of gifs I find quite a lot of fun.

First, the uncertainty in the man's eyes
 however, if she is wearing it and smiling, this should be fun for both
She might be saying that anal sex can be good, both giving and receiving, just this time we switch roles

He, however, is focusing on her cock and might not be listening completely

Well dear, you always said that we are equals!

Why not get ready while I apply some lube

let's get those pants totally out of the way so that your legs are completely open for me to crawl between

Now just relax and enjoy, honey

Oh!!!! I am in!!!  This is so AMAZING

I truly enjoy being pegged!!!!!!!!!!! It is totally consensual, but in reality, Cindy does it for my pleasure, as she is not as sexually turned on by it as am I!

Some people might see it as more a dominant submissive situation, and this this gif emphasizes that role.



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Learn How to Find a Woman to Peg You

"You know what to do."

enjoy life
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rolling up her sleeves

A reader sent me these art and photos. Their is the old idea that one rolls up their sleeves, to show that they are really going to put their best effort into the job at hand.
Thus, the reader enjoys the idea of a woman spanker having rolled up sleeves while spanking  her man! This looks like one determined woman who is truly going to spank you!
Save the flowers, bare the bottom
bedtime spanking!!!
A determined spanker, maybe because he has her knee highs and high heel shoes on
 He is not going anywhere soon
Be VERY afraid
Running shoes are off, so he cannot run away
This leg lock says one heck of a spanking is to be delivered
and if this happens in the park, imagine at home
 a classic
 Thanks to the reader who sent this 

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Something to think about:
I just love this photo, with the caption such a fitting description
Imagine the following
 worrisome for certain (but maybe she has chosen the three implements (tawse, cane, and wooden brush)
 both sides of the brush work wonders
some more flurries of spnaks to come!!!!
Enjoy your spankings! They let you know how you have messed up, and that eventually, after the spanking, you will be forgiven. (maybe cornertime might allow you to ponder how to avoid future spankings!
and remember to smile OFTEN
bottoms up