spanked for offending our friend

Later the same day, after being informed by Cindy of the letter and request from Danielle, Cindy requested I join her in the bedroom. To see the letters, click on this link http://consensualspanking.blogspot.com/2015/03/danielle-wrote-to-cindy.html

Cindy immediately had me position the spanking chair.
and directed me to get two implements, the heart shaped metal studded leather paddle, and one of my choice. (My choice:The wooden miniature Hurley stick. I might say miniature, only in relation to a real Hurley stick. This is a real wooden paddle, designed for maximum intensity at the blade)

Cindy had me bare my bottom, and bend over her knees, while she started to explain about what I had done wrong. A very short explanation was immediately followed by the leather paddle, which Cindy loves. My opinion is much less favorable, as it had my feet dancing in short order.
Cindy loves spanking in one spot until I start dancing, then moving to another spot until I once again start dancing. As I have explained before, the tip either wraps around the furthest cheek, or nestles into the crack between my bottom cheeks. after some owwwing, Cindy paused, and then stated it was time for Danielle's present.
Cindy remarked how fitting it was that Danielle had sent this present to be used on my bottom, and that seeing I had offended her, that her implement should deliver a sense of balance to the situation. The score would be evened.
 This paddle is extremely effective, and I was once again dancing a wee jig while staying on Cindy's lap. A pause, but Cindy was only resting as Danielle had suggested, whenever she feels tired. Thus, after a fondling of my hot bottom (sounds nice doesn't it), Cindy resumed with the Hurley paddle. Fortunately, she did not wind up like the picture on the paddle from above her head, but just steady hard spanks from a short distance.

Cindy then decided: well, let us have a few more with the leather paddle, and another quick volley of spanks descended until I was informed that I could now get up.

I immediately thank Cindy for the spanking,  and Danielle also, although obviously Danielle was not present except in spirit.

We then proceeded to have a rousing sexual interlude, which was absolutely amazing for both of us.

PS: Please realize that the spanking was a real spanking, but with a feigned indignation about the email.
Cindy's response to reading Danielle's letter was:
Ha ha ha, Danielle!

I really did laugh out loud when I read this!

I will certainly take the action you have suggested and let Red know that I am offended on your behalf too!  
Winking face
Hugs, Cindy

and Danielle's  reply was:
Sounds great! I just love your response.

For a second I thought  'she will understand, won't she'  and  'would it be necessary to explain...'
No, of course not.

I completely forgot to thank you both for your postcard. It arrived on Saturday.

Have fun *:P tongue


bottoms up


Anonymous said...

I still believe it's wonderful that you and Cindy can share with Danielle and the fact that Cindy allowed her to spank you with witnesses. But my friend you may have double trouble. Now you have two women that are directing your spankings. I'm sure you danced real nice for Danielle and Cindy enjoyed giving you a spanking for Danielle. Isn't sex with a hot stinging bottom great? I know I love it.

Anonymous said...

I'm in a somewhat similar situation. Yesterday AM, my mistress got off the phone and told me to stand up. She smacked my bottom, then told me, "That's from Eve," Mistress's friend and colleague.

A spanking by proxy is still a spanking.

I read on another blog that Blogger relented about sexual images. True? I can send you a link to the blog if you like.


Red said...

archedone: very true... but wonderful to meet such a nice person and husband. fortunately, Danielle and Cindy rarely look at my blog, so less emailed spankings.

michele: please send me the link privately.Yes, blogger did revert back to normal, which I am grateful that they did

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

N. was the one who first decided to spank me under the eyes of one of her friends, because I had - in her opinion - been "rude" to her. Whether I deserved it or not is beside the point, but I certainly was mortified! There were three or four such "incidents" later on - one of which involved J. as the "offended" party.

In due time (after I remarried), J. followed the same practice - and still does - although I have learned to "behave" when she has friends over (but not always, which has earned me a few bare-bottom spankings over the years...)

B. (my sister-in-law) is the exception, inasmuch as she is - as "family" - entitled to share J's "spanking rights" when we are together ( a privilege she is only too glad to exercise!)


Anonymous said...

It has indeed been a while since I have needed to spank you before one of my friends! Your social behavior has definitely improved (and I deserve some credit for that!)

On the other hand, you still have to learn not to aggravate me when we are traveling - and, thus, avoid being paddled or whipped in those hotel rooms where we are likely to be (and have often enough been) overheard !


Red said...

L: family always have privileges.

J: men learn slowly. You should be happy that L is, however, learning!

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