Man Spanked by Wife (again)

We had a wonderful afternoon yesterday. Oh, the joys of being retired.
Cindy showered, and put on a  fabulous teddy from Frederick's of Hollywood (we purchased it locally a few years ago.)

Cindy decided that I should pick two implements, and I choose 'old reliable' that used to be sold at the DWC, and the Bettie Paige paddle.

Cindy sat on the spanking chair, and had me also retrieve for her the black leather high heel shoes that she often uses when spanking me. These shoes raise her knees, so that I am comfortably  (at least to begin with), while over her knees.

The first few spanks were with the Bettie Paige  leather paddle, and after three or four, Cindy had me raise up to lower my underwear.

Cindy then applied many vigorous spanks alternating cheeks, and then only to one cheek for awhile before then moving to the other cheek. I must admit that these spanks did not really elicit any feet dancing, nor any owwws.

Cindy then changed to the wooden paddle, and it had my feet dancing really quickly, with suitable sounds  of owws and ooohhhhs as she spanked away. these spanks seemed much more intense, but obviously  Bettie Paige paddle had paved the way to feeling every spank.

A pause, as Cindy slowly gently rubbed my bottom, asking if my arms were okay supporting me. the caressing was great.

Now a flurry with the wooden paddle, had me wriggling and dancing, as that paddle is very thick, and seems to grow in thickness as the spanking progresses. A pause, while Cindy reminded me that the best thing she learned form Danielle was to pause when she gets tired, and then begin again refreshed to continue the spanking.

Cindy then reached for the leather paddle, and administered a long flurry of spanks to my bottom, which this time I was really feeling. 

When the spanking finally ended, I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and then she said I could reward her in a better oral method.

The love making was absolutely fantastic, with my bottom on fire throughout.

Was the Bettie  Paige paddle a good purchase: YES

It permitted Cindy to give me a longer, much deeper spanking. The next day my bottom still was rosy, not only in the morning, but in the evening. Now, two days later, it is still sore, and the fond memories are reinforced, and I can still see a little pinkish shade.

We DO NOT CAUSE BRUISES IN ANY SPANKINGS, NOR ANY BLOOD. They are not necessary for a true spanking to be effective.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Red. Sounds like Cindy did a great job. Just love it when I can still feel a spanking a day or two later.

Anonymous said...

Spankings from my wife are like the picture of the man naked over her lap. My wife always spanks in the front room, I must undress and stand hands at side, a scolding, lecture will proceed the spanking. Once over her lap she waste little time in warming my bare bottom. Her hand is large and lands hard and rapid and you can not help squirming and kicking. She will wait until I start to cry and stop, I dance around the room rubbing until I face the wall. She will then have me stand before her and I must say I'm sorry, and it is then the paddle will be used and talk about squirming and kicking and crying. I find myself saying "Mommy please no more, I'll be good", she always states Mommy will decide when to stop. It is more corner time. My "Mommy" insures my bare bottom is stinging, red, and most of all very warm.

Anonymous said...

My introduction was a shock to say the least, having been married six month, my wife took charge. Just out of the shower my wife walked in grabbed my arm, first thing this morning I said, she took me to the front room and I saw my mother-in-law was there. What the hell I said, she handed me to my mother-in-law and before I knew it, I was across her lap, "Changes young man she said and then proceeded to give me the spanking of my life. I danced around the room, until my wife told me to get over her lap, I pleaded I learned my lesson, no use, over her lap I went and she used a hairbrush to get my attention. Standing before the two crying and rubbing, rules of the house were layed out. My wife then said she asked her mother for advise and spankings was highly recommended. When she states I need a spanking I do as told, it is hand, then hairbrush, and she knows how to get my attention.

Baxter said...

Wooden paddles hurt but the after glow of pain and warmth are enjoyable. This past weekend, as I mentioned earlier this week, my wife took the bread board we bought at Sur La Table and spanked me very hard with it. A few minutes later we were in the car and she turned on her seat warmer and I told her that courtesy the spanking, my bottom was hot enough and I did not need the seat warmer at all. She laughed. Even a couple days later, I was still sore, but enjoyably sore.

Anonymous said...

"No blood", to be sure, but "no bruises"? The last picture tells a different story - and, yes, it looks very much like L's derrière after one of the sessions at my sister's place last summer :-)


Anonymous said...

I remember it well, especially since you and B. spanked or whipped me at least twice a day - not to mention the occasional birchings in the woods!


Anonymous said...

Something to look forward to, no?


Anonymous said...

It's about time Cindy put you across her lap again. A leather paddle will get your attention fast. Feeling the spanking a day or two later tells you she spanked you right. Kudos to Danielle for giving her some pointers.

ronnie said...

Sounds like Cindy did a great job on your bottom.


Red said...

K in New England: you are welcome.. it was wonderful

anon: thanks for sharing.. please pick a fictitious name to sign with, so you can leave other comments and we will know they are from you

anon 2: : Thanks for sharing.. please pick a fictitious name to sign with, so you can leave other comments and we will know they are from you some mother in lawas are great

Baxter: a great time i am certain... but she should have put your seat warmer on also, simply to increase the heat you were experiencing

archedone; very true

ronnie; she certainly did

bottoms up
J &L: you may be right, but the photo I thought showed deep deep red

Anonymous said...

Oh how I'd love to be put over Cindy"s knee and be spanked till I couldn't sit down!

Anonymous said...

In a long and very happy marriage i get a bare paddling once or twice in a yr--and its consenting and I know i deserve it as she has put up with a lot. It is private and no one else knows We both know at the same time when a bare paddling has to settle things--I just quick shower and bend over and put my hands on side of bath tub and she paddles me with a skinny stick and my butt hurts bad---When its over there is no anger or harsh feeling things are real good between us-----Since it is just she and i there is no reason for any embarrassment or shaming just a damn sore bare butt! Other guys like me?

Red said...

anon: glad it works for bouth of you. Thanks for sharing
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Once in a while after being with male friends and too much drinking etc it is just a consenting fact--I get my bare butt paddled--no argument from either of us. We both know and agree its got to happen------Some one asked if it was humiliating or shaming for a guy to go over his wife's lap naked---No shame or embarrassment for me. In a long and very happy marriage she has certainly every part of me many times-----so going across her lap naked is not embarrassing--- but the paddling does hurt my butt BIG TIME Any other spanked guys care to comment on embarrassment factor? thanks

Red said...

anon: no embarrassment on my part, but very few people know, and only a couple not in the kink.
Bottoms up