the hidden meaning in TTWD

The second part of archedone's comment;

She picks the reason for the spanking,  and the hidden meaning in the words used;. 

1. We need to talk about how you are doing your chores!
That means I'm in trouble. 
my own addition (always admit your mistakes immediately)

2. I need to reinforce who runs this family. 
I'm in for a maintenance spanking. 
3. Do you know how much I love to see you with a freshly spanked bottom. 
You have been good but I just feel like spanking you. 

First joy that I'm going to be spanked. (hopefully for your wife also enjoying spanking you)
Then a few butterflies. 
(now really, these photos are so much better than looking at a man waiting to be spanked)
the lovely target and the enticing eyes
the look of delight as you approach

As the first spank lands I'm happy to be receiving it. 
thanks archedone for such wonderful phrases that R uses.
bottoms up


  1. Great photos of men being spanked and the luscious bare naughty bottoms of women wanting to be spanked.


  2. Picture 1 could very well be me. More than once I've stood nude with a red bottom as I do dishes. Picture 4 the bench she is sitting on looks a lot like the spanking bench I made for R. What can I say she does pick the reason for the spanking, the implement(s) and position. That happens when you are a spanked husband.

  3. baxter: very luscious women.

    archedone: sounds wonderful to me
    bottoms up


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