spankster thoughts for today

Spankster thoughts
This young lady thought this would be fun
Her husband was NOT AMUSED! (but we can enjoy both fun thoughts)
A certain husband thought he could stay after work and have a few drinks with friends, but his wife was waiting at home ready
but eventually she was smiling once again
so, to all you happy spanksters out there
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Um no, if you are going to stop after work with the "guys" you better call home first and get permission. If you don't it's not only bottoms up but BARE bottoms up. And oh yes she will be waiting.

QBuzz said...

That young lady's husband should take her back the next day so the people downstairs can see her red red bottom!

Red said...

archedone; very true
Qbuzz: great idea
bottoms up

Baxter said...

great blog theme.


Red said...

baxter: you are welcome
bottoms up