spanked and blown away

Well, some days you are just extremely lucky! Yesterday was one of those days!

A little history is that Cindy had as fall about a week and a half ago, just after Christmas, down a few stairs, and has an acute sprained ankle, and is wearing an air-boot (probably for three weeks or more). She and I are surviving my cooking, and as you can imagine, I am chief chef and bottle washer, and everything else to boot. She is recovering hopefully well, and is going to physiotherapy starting today.

Sex life has been nil!
Yesterday, Cindy explained that she did not know how to spank me while incapacitated as she is! I offered multiple solutions, and she agreed that a GOOD BOY spanking for all my efforts was in order.
I brought Cindy a number of implements, and Cindy sat on a chair, and choose the wooden kitchen paddle and the cane, as both being easy to use. I bared my bottom and stood beside  and a bit in front of her, and she did a real good job with the wooden paddle.
(I cannot find a photo of the woman sitting, while spanking a standing, and then bent over man! A challenge to my readers, can you find one and either send me the photo or a link to the photo. Thus, a photo of a woman being spanked will have to suffice, because her bottom is much more attractive than a man's)

Then it was the cane's turn, and she was tentative, until she found that she could draw it back much further and swing with wrist action. The wrist action really was effective.

Cindy then had me turn and face her, fondle my cock, and then proceeded to give me a slow superb blowjob.
Cindy was seated, so the above picture is almost correct position wise! She swallowed a lot, as it has been quite sometime since we have had sex.

WOW! A lucky day.
 (Tonight will be her lucky night, as I plan to return the sexual favor)

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Cindy I'm sorry to hear about your fall hope you recover quickly. I understand that in the mean time Red will be needed some attention being as OTK will probably be out of the picture. Maybe you sitting on a chair and him bent over the sofa arm or back rest. He could also get on hands and knees while you sit. Hope this helps you out. Just trying to be helpful Red.

Anonymous said...

You are a lucky man.Love the posts.Stop by almost everyday.

Baxter said...

Improvisation is a good thing. You can always make something work if you put your mind to it and if it is something that is needed, such as a spanking or sex, it makes figuring it out more fun. When I fractured my humerous two years ago in a fall, we still managed to have sex and spankings, although we had to be careful.

ronnie said...


Sorry to hear about Cindy's fall. Wish her the best from me. Sounds like she did a superb job.


Red said...

archedone: thanks for the suggestions, and the good wishes to Cindy.

anon: definitely

Baxter: being careful is the key word, but improvisation makes for fun thoughts

Ronnie: thank you on behalf of Cindy. Yes, she was wonderful

bottoms up