requested spanking DELIVERED!!!!!!!!!!!

If you read a recent post of how to ask for a spanking, that is an actual email I sent Cindy with a few more words between the pictures. I also added a link to  Ronnie's posting of a truly memorable  spanking, http://ronniesoul.blogspot.com/2015/01/new-year-bad-start.html
and also mentioned Danielle.

Ask and you shall receive!

Cindy stated she wanted  the leather heart shaped paddle, and the cane, and that I should choose the third implement.

Cindy's injury prevented  over the knee, so I was positioned on the bed, with pillows under my midsection, and legs over the end of the bed, so my bottom was well presented to be spanked.

Cindy started with the leather metal studded paddle, and the spanks rained down from above, as her standing position allowed ( and necessitated) a long downward stroke. Most landed on the top half of my bottom, an area not normally spanked very much. Cindy applied many strokes, Danielle intensity, with vigor, only pausing at times to ask if I was breathing, and not holding my breath! these spanks were very well felt, and I found myself trying to edge further up on the pillows to move the spanks lower on my bottom, but to little avail, as Cindy simply spanked higher getting the exact same spots, and the paddle wrapping around my far cheek, and also delving between the cheeks often!

I have no idea of time while being spanked, but this seemed a long time.

Cindy stated: well, time for the cane!  With short strong strokes, many were delivered to the middle and lower part of my bottom and tops of my legs. Cindy really got into the swing of things, as soon the cane was making swooshing sounds on the way to meeting my bottom. This seemed as long as the leather paddle

Cindy  paused to comment on how red my bottom was, and then picked up the wooden bath brush, that was applied square to the middle of my bottom cheeks, with vigor.

When Cindy finally stopped, after a couple of pauses for her to rest, and then beginning again, my bottom was on fire, and as i write this more than 30 hours later, my bottom is still showing red, and is very sore. I imagine I will feel it while on the airplane.

Cindy then took a picture for me (and yo to see)  As you can see, the red goes completely into my butt crack...
We then made absolutely amazing, passionate love, with each of us having unbelievable climaxes.

My wish for you is that if you desire to be spanked, do figure out a way to ask your partner

bottoms up


Baxter said...

It is not easy to ask your partner, but I started doing it several years ago. Ya know, my wife told me that whatever I want, she will accommodate, and if I want a spanking, just let her know. The reality is that we have been happily married for over 31 years and we are each others best friend and ally. One day last summer, we were sitting at our table in the kitchen and I looked at her and asked her if she would spank me and she said, sure. Just an example of asking.

Anonymous said...

There are so many wonderful positions to spank in. If one can't be put OTK then not to worry other positions will give her access to the area to be attended to. I like Cindy picking the implements she desires to spank with then allowing you to pick one. That is a great picture of your well spanked bottom and yes it does go between your crack. R has taken many pictures after spanking me and we have found that for some reason the red color does not show true. But Cindy did a good job.

ronnie said...

Sounds like Cindy did a wonderful job.

Thanks for the mention.


Njspank said...

Just hot!

Red said...

Baxter: It took a lot of courage to ask to be spanked, even though we are best friends and lovers. Now, i occasionally ask, but most times Cindy decides that a spanking is needed.
bottoms up

Red said...

archedone: Cindy did a great job...
bottoms up

Red said...

Ronnie: She certainly did, as P does when spanking your bottom.
bottoms up

Red said...

Ron: hot, and burning
bottoms up