Cindy spanked

In our relationship, Cindy does not like to be spanked. However, sometimes she misbehaves, and I inform her quietly if we are out somewhere that she will be spanked for that specific action. She either ignores what I say when we are out, or if in private while we are out tries to talk her way out of a spanking.

A few days ago, she earned two spankings in one shopping adventure. (amazingly, Cindy agreed to go shopping on Black Friday, amazing because she does NOT like crowds when shopping. We purchased many things, at very good prices, and nothing was the list price)

The first incident was in the midst of a discussion, where I was saying we should do the following because boys (of all ages...) can tease each other, so do not give them a opportunity for this. We were talking about young children. Cindy walked off in a huff!!! Not a reasonable way to discuss something, and we never had boys, so my experience is not the same as a woman's experience that has only been with girls.

Second incident: Cindy gets incensed when an advertisement states everything in the store is 40% off, and the small print is so small that no one can read it, which says some articles in the store are not part of this sale. I agree, this is wrong! Solution, don't buy anything in that store. Cindy unfortunately went to find a sales clerk, to tell them that this is a misleading sign, and should not have such small print!  Problem: This is an already stressed, overworked, minimum wage employee, who has no say in how the corporation of a national chain operates and advertises , and yet this employee has to listen patiently, and respond politely!  Result; second spanking!

After dinner that night, I informed Cindy it was time for her spankings,but because it was two, I would relent somewhat and make it 15 spanks each by hand, not the usual 20 with a wooden hairbrush. Cindy countered by saying ten spanks only,  I countered maybe I should be using the wooden hairbrush, and it was reluctantly agreed. Realize that this is consensual, because their is no way I would never forcibly bare Cindy's bottom and hold her down while spanking her.

While I was sitting on the spanking chair, Cindy removed her pants, and lowered her panties, and I guided her over my lap.

The spanks were given with reasonable gusto, and Cindy was very stoic. I paused now and then, to rub and fondle her bottom, and lecture why she was being spanked.  By the end of the first 15, her bottom was reasonably warm and red.

I started the second spanking with more strength, but Cindy remained stoic. i stated  she must not be feeling them, as her feet are not dancing like mine, wherewith she immediately moved her feet up and down. A few sharp spanks ended this nonsense, and i was wishing I was using the hairbrush.
The spanking complete, Cindy rose, and when reminded, thanked me for the spanking. Her bottom was red, and warm. We cuddled, and then had a wonderfully long
and romantic love making session,
with a great orgasm each.

Does spanking Cindy work???????????????
I, normally do all the laundry, but was out when the tee-shirts I wear were finished washing. Cindy took clothes out of the dryer, but did not put my tee-shirts in, as she did not remember which I hang and which I put in the dryer. she had previously been spanked, when for the third time (in the last few years) she tossed all the tee-shirts in the dryer, and two were shrunk beyond being wearable. (They had been $35 each, brand new, worn only once each)

Spanking works. Any repeat of the reasons Cindy was spanked for today will result in the wooden hairbrush making much more of an impact.

bottoms up


ronnie said...

I'm with Cindy, I hate those type of advertisements.


Baxter said...

R does not like to be spanked much, but sometimes when feeling a bit naughty or trying to arouse me, she lets me hand spank her not more than 10 times and yes I get very aroused. HAHAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

Cindy knew she was wrong and accepted the spanking and I'm sure while she was being spanked she knew it was good for her and was done with love. But the next time use the brush.

Anonymous said...

Great blog lucky cindy I wish I was her

Red said...

Ronnie: I totally agree, and leave the store. However, no matter how politely you talk to the salesperson about the misleading information, you are actually harassing a person who can not satisfy your complaint.

Baxter: a wonderful arrangement!

archedone: depends on the reason for the spanking

anon: thank you
bottoms up

Leslie Jones said...

This is my first visit to your site. It reminded me that although I'm mostly dominant and give spankings and canings, I do feel the need to be disciplined when I err, although I want to be disciplined by a strict, younger woman. I feel there is a lengthy continuum between total dominance and submission, and those of us who are switches fall at different places on it depending on our needs.

Red said...

Leslie; please do come back and leave more comments when you have the time. switching can be beneficial, in some relationships, or simply to satisfy a need when it occurs. Enjoy whatever you do
bottoms up