a new video clip making the rounds

This one is quite amazing. Does anyone know what website it might come from?  I would be very happy to advertise the site.

You can just imagine the dialogue, and how sweet, dominant, stern, and determined this woman is. If the she continues with this determination while spanking him, he is in deep trouble!!!

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Tim the Tum said...

It's from an episode of the Syfy Channel's show Haven and it's a dream Nathan (the male character) is having. In the cotnext of the show it makes absolute psychological sense too.

sub hub in phx said...

Very sexy. She's stunning!

Anonymous said...


Njspank said...

Great post.

I have been staying away from your blog as for the past few months, a lot of them, I got virus wornings everytime I got on...nice to be back and will catch up but from a quick view amazing posts.

Red said...

Tim: thanks, i do not watch syfy station (saving money for travel), but the show sounds interesting

sub hub: absolutely stunning

anon: thanks for the link

Ron Welcome back.. I hope nothing on my blog is causing viruses for anyone. I am unaware, and it works fine for me. What was your virus checker specifically stating, and how has it been corrected?

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