looking back (as the New Year rolls in)

If you go to a party tonight, i hope it is delightful
The title might also give you a little smile, as the topic is still spanking....
I am just wondering if you ever look back after the spanking has started?
Are you hoping to see the spanking implement being put away?
 Does the look try to convey your sorrow for the reason you are being spanked?
Does your look show anger at being spanked?
because a determined spanker will just conitnue even harder, as evidenced by this young woman
 Is your look of sorrow trying to lessen the harshness of the spanks out of pity for your plight/
or are you just looking to see the swing before you feel the burn?
I must admit that after a few really harsh cane strokes, I sometimes look back and Cindy relents saying, well maybe three (or some other number more). I do this involuntarily, and am trying my best to stop this practice. A spanking earned should be a spanking fully delivered until the spanker is happy with her efforts.
This is a wonderful collection of women's spanked bottoms, as I have not easily found ones of men looking backwards.

Have you ever looked back, and if so, WHY?
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crossdressing (adventurous tuesdays)

I sometimes wonder about people's preferences and what they are willing to explore in the privacy of their home!
Some of my male readers enjoy wearing panties,
and i think all of my female readers enjoy wearing panties!
I enjoy wearing panties, and sometimes wear them when I go out. We do have matching Victoria Secret panties, and sometimes wear them when making love. The feel is so much different than cotton, if you are wearing lacy or nylon and lacy panties.

Cindy has remarked " what if you were taken to the hospital and someone found out", to which I reply: I will have much more to worry about if taken to the hospital in an emergency than worrying about panties.

The naughtiness concept of doing something society would FROWN upon certainly encourages me.
When you look at the above photo, are men and women that much different.
Some men also wear stocking,
and a man built like this might be difficult for many single women to say no when about to make love.
So, whether you go the full 9 yards
as long as you are enjoying life
Sex with a man dressed partially
or wholly as a woman
can be fun, as long as he is excited about it
I did a poll on this 6 months ago, but forgot to have an option of never worn women's clothes


Seems I am repeating myself with this post, but, such is life

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spanked again

Sometimes it seems like forever since you were spanked, and one has to ask to be spanked. Other times, it seems like only yesterday, when you are next spanked.

In my case it was two days later, when we were getting caught up with a spanking I had earned while on vacation. The offense was similar to the one I was spanked for two days ago, so this is beyond notch worthy. It merits a spanking each and every time it occurs.
In my defense, (not accepted), when I am very tired, a elongated explanation of something I already know, and I was asking a different question than the answer being given, gets a somewhat brusque response. Oh well, that is not acceptable.  (PS: however, we are instituting, with Cindy's reluctant agreement, that if she does not bother to listen to my question, and starts to give a response on something totally different, assuming she knew what I was asking and thus did not even listen to my question, then she has earned a spanking)

This spanking was a combination  of over the knee, and standing bent over with my upper body bent over the kitchen table. To accomplish this, we had to go into the kitchen from the bedroom.
It is a wonderful display of dominance to decide to change positions, let alone to decide that the kitchen would be more suitable for the first part of the spanking.

I bared my bottom, bent forward at the waist, and presented my bottom for a long session with our leather oval paddle, that has a rod in it to give it more support, and extra strength. Cindy varied her spanking patterns, and paused at times to give her arm a rest, and slightly massaged my bottom, and then re-started the spanking. I was owwing and wriggling a little, but managed to stay put. Cindy had lots of swing room, just as in the photo above.

Satisfied, Cindy stated that it was now time for the wooden paddle  with me over her knee. Thus, we returned to the bedroom. Cindy used the 'hurley model wooden paddle' which is very effective. We had received this in the past from Danielle as a gift. (advice: beware gifts from fellow spankers)
It has a  great amount of wood, such that it can be used like a wooden brush, but also as a paddle, and both options were employed on my sore red bottom. Cindy used the paddle strongly, and I certainly rewarded her efforts with owws and dancing feet.
When Cindy stated I could get up, I thanked her for the spanking and we hugged.
Things got in the way for making love later that day, but delayed sex can and will be amazing.

PS: Danielle seems to be somehow involved in all my recent spankings!
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the magic finger

The magic finger lets you know you are about to be spanked.
It may involve a lecture while it points directly at you
It may simply beckon you to come over here for your caning
you may first notice with excitement that your wife is topless, but the finger puzzles you, and then you see the BRUSH, and finally the look on your wife's face says it all
No doubt here where you are required to be, and that the soup spoon will be cooking up a fire on your bottom very soon
Seems like you are moving too slowly, get undressed and get over my knee NOW!!!
Stop standing, bend over my knee
I want you kneeling on THAT chair, bare bottomed
the finger is letting you know that the spanking is not over, and that you deserve much more
When the finger speaks, answer promptly
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first date in a female lead relationship

Sometimes, many of my readers have wished their relationship had started like this, instead of mentioning their desire to be spanked many, many years later.
Why did we ever wait so long?
 lateness is not an option!
 We have lttile choice with the one we love
Love knows no bounds

and be careful what you might say about her friends
Remeber, any implement applied with force ... hurts
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Merry Christmas

 and now, if you LIKE TO BE CREATIVE OVER THE HOLIDAYS !!  Just In Time For Christmas – A Turkey Tip:

Cut a lemon in half and place under the skin of the turkey before roasting for a Christmas meal the family will still be talking about  it next year !
May you have a wonderful day with family and friends, and may there be PEACE, and GOODWILL to all People.
(with a little spanking to those who enjoy the practice)

hope you like the gif
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On the naughty list

Sorry if the gifts are a little late this year, Santa has been busy
Nice to hang this on your Christmas tree
 and a question that you should know the answer to!
and either he spanks them
or occasionally he lets them continue to be naughty... certainly beats sitting on Santa's lap
Merry Christmas
Remember : one day of coal, 364 days of fun!!!!!! 
I will take my chances!
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