The NOTCH SYTEM (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) BY DANIELLE and now US!!! (maybe even by John)

An interesting idea! 

The idea behind a notch system is that little misbehaves earn a notch of a ruler, as practiced by Danielle and John. What happens is that John makes a mark on the ruler with a piece of chalk. The misdemeanor is explained to the person, so that they can try to avoid doing that same action again.

The idea is that the offense is not serious enough for an immediate full blown strong formal spanking, nor is it worth an ON THE SPOT spanking, which  is short but significant.

It's meaning is that the person is getting closer to a STRONG and formal spanking!

Danielle uses five notches, and when John has earned five notches, he is properly and formally spanked (hard).

The benefit of this plan is that one does not have to be unhappy, when a somewhat trivial misbehavior happens, and the main advantage is that one does not have to remember the reason for each notch, nor when each notch was earned.  Simply, the notch is there, and when the total is five, the spanking is given.

We are following this system by putting a mark on the calendar in the kitchen. It is done in pencil, and when the total reaches five, I will be spanked.

However, it does not have to reach five, and the number of notches are not erased if some significant behavior immediately warrants a strong spanking on its own.

Example of earning a notch: We were visiting with Danielle and John, and the cookies were laid out while tea was being served. John got up and took a cookie, without first offering them to guests. Danielle explained that this was a notch misbehavior, because he should have walked around with the plate before taking his.


We were at two notches, when Cindy stated that .[and it was more than a week ago when I started this post, such that I forget what had happened.... has moved you up to five notches]....It was not a major error, but still an error, and Cindy decided it was worth three notches.

Cindy had me lay out all of our leather implements, and first took me over her lap (bare bottomed of course), where she started with gusto with the leather heart shaped  metal studded paddle. Cindy has learned well from Danielle.

My feet were dancing extremely quickly, and I was owwing. Cindy commented on how she appreciated my showing that she was being effective.
Cindy used many flurry of strong spanks to one spot, and my bottom was truly on fire. Cindy also went much higher on my bottom than normal, and much lower visiting the top of the back of my legs. This is something you can do with leather, but never with wood.

Cindy, however, was not finished, she was simply switching leather implements. She decided on the roundish leather paddle, that has a piece of metal in it for added discomfort.

It was decided that I should go on all fours on the bed, in a manner that she could stand to the side and have a full swing with the paddle.  [Although Danielle had only spanked with me OTK, Cindy thought this would be more effective for this paddle. (IT WAS)

Cindy has learned that excessively quuick hard spanks to one spot is TRULY effective. After a few spanks my arms semi collapsed, as though I had been pushed forward. I was truly owwwing throughout. Cindy waited patiently as I slowly resumed the position, to recommence spanking with gusto. My pitching forward almost prone was totally involuntary, and occurred another two or three times before Cindy announced that I could get up now!

I immediately apologized once more, and thanked her for spanking me. She said I was welcome!

When permitted to look in the mirror, my bottom was a solid red right up to almost the top of my bottom, and beyond the join of legs to bottom. Cindy explained that she did not do the absolute top of my bottom,as we were going away to the beach on our holiday tomorrow, and thus she did not want the red showing out of my bathing suit.

In reality, I am thanking Danielle for demonstrating a thorough spanking to Cindy, but I can only say that while NOT being spanked. While being spanked, I am either not thinking whatsoever, or simply focused on the soreness in my bottom.
The above photo is me after a previous spanking, but now understand that the white heading between the cheeks is now crimson red, the red goes further out on both cheeks, and extend equally wide downwards to below the place where the top  of the legs meet the bottom.

Thank you Danielle. Thank you Cindy.

Apologies to John for re-igniting the spanking flame in Danielle.

bottoms up


Quentin QBuzz said...

Mmmm that top photo sums up almost everything I love about F/M spanking!

john said...

Where did I see that polka dot dress before (LOL)? Glad you liked this.

Baxter said...

Great description and pictures.


Anonymous said...

I use a similar system - usually not at home, where immediate retribution is the general rule , but when we are away from the house (whether shopping, visiting, sightseeing or traveling) and "immediate retribution" is not an option - although there have been a few exceptions. The "demerits" that have been recorded are "paid in full" later - when we get home (or when we are back at the hotel)


Anonymous said...

Great post Red. I think the demerit system is a good idea. It would appear that you and Cindy do also. She learned well as she watched you being spanked, and applied it to your presented bottom. Good job Cindy.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree that wood should never be used on the thighs. If that's your limit well and good.

However, my mistress used this paddle (http://www.voy.com/242785/186.html) on me Tuesday and gave me a blister between my thigh and cheek. It hurt, but I loved it plus for about 36 hours it hurt to sit and to walk - every backswing of my left leg compressed it. But I never felt in danger of really serious damage.


Anonymous said...

Those demerits are "redeemed" at J.'s own discretion (typically: fifty whacks with the hairbrush, paddle or kitchen spoon - or fifty lashes with the martinet or a maple switch per demerit ) Definitely something to remember !...


Red said...

Qbuzz: yes it does, and I am certain the spanking was effective.The gray has already appeared, and the spanking is continuing

John: good memory, and the leg hold shows that even if you dared to try to get off the knee, you would not succeed until the spanker was content. Anyone reading has now guessed that is your bottom being spanked.

Baxter; thank you

J & L: good behavior is always required. Demerits will always be eventually paid for.

archedone: Notches work, as do the spankings that eventually follow.

MichelleFFS; I prefer to play (the spanking is certainly REAL) safe, and only recommend SAFE play

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

are you the one being spanked otk by the polka dot dress woman?

Red said...

Anon: No, I am not being spanked in the photo, but John is! Thus, permission I was given to use the photo anonymously has been somewhat totally given away by John. Fortunately for him, Danielle rarely looks at this blog, or he might be spanked for his comment, and fortunately for me, otherwise Danielle might send a message to her friend Cindy to spank me for not deleting John's comment, and make certain it is as well felt as the one she gave me.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Whether or not you get spanked for posting this picture (and I think you should be ! ) , I must say it inspired both B. and I...


Red said...

J: I doubt b or yourself need any additional inspiration, but glad to help.
bottoms up