D walked in the room with a no nonsense demeanor.  While waiting in the bedroom, I had seen the spanking chair. D has a few wooden straight back chairs throughout the house, and I well imagine one of their main purposes is to give a spanking whenever needed, on the spot.

Cindy took a spot in the room, sitting on the bed to get a good view, and J stood at the door with a basket full of spanking implements that he showed to D to choose from when she was ready.

D immediately walked to the chair and sat down, and called me to her side. I do not remember whether she told me to bend over her knee, or guided me over, but In was OTK almost immediately. D paused to raise the underwear I was wearing that covered my bottom cheeks, so that they became mostly the equivalent of a thong.

D commenced spanking, using her hand. Let me mention that D has a very strong and powerful hand, that really gets your attention. I have read about some people having hands almost like stone or wood, and this description fits D's hands exactly.

D gave many strong spanks, some slowly, some quickly, and then some with the other hand. I felt everyone, but was relatively passive. D paused, and stated that this would be when she lectures J for why he is being spanked, but that we will skip this lecture, and simply continued spanking. I am certain my bottom was quite red when she stopped. I should mention that many spanks were also delivered to the top of the backs of my legs, where Cindy has never spanked, and the join of legs to bottom. She then asked J for a specific wooden brush by the name that they call it, and really started spanking vigorously and quickly.

My feet started dancing, and D remarked.. well finally, a reaction is occuring. She used many methods while spanking. Many to one spot, then moving to another, slow spanks, then a flurry that would take your breath away, and I am certain she appreciated the small noises I was making and the non-stop dancing my feet were doing.

D would pause and lightly rub my bottom, which I now think was a method to relax my bottom, so that the next flurry of spanks would be really felt. After a few pauses as described, and numerous flurries of hard hard spanks, D seemed to stop (or so I hoped).

This was not to be, as she was simply about to ask her husband for a different implement which he retrieved and gave her immediately.

This was the devilishly long, narrow  (but not wide) wooden paddle.
With this paddle in hand, the spanking recommenced, but spanked what I thought was impossible on my burning bottom.  D was now spanking carefully (as all of her spanks had been applied thoughtfully), at the inner creases of my bottom. This did not require hard spanks, but many quick short spanks had me reacting instantly with my feet dancing a merry jig. If a normal spanking has the spanker having the brush spank one cheek at a time, or paddle cross both cheeks, this was a spanking of a 90 degree difference, spanking the soft delicate white crease between the cheeks. I have never been spanked their before, and let me inform you that an unspanked part of the bottom truly feels the spanks. ( Cindy has spanked there when using the heart shaped studded leather paddle, when the tip enters the crease area, but this had one entire side being spanked, and then the other being repeatedly spanked. (WOW!!!) I am certain I was wriggling and trying my best to avoid the spanks, without leaving D's lap.
Finally, D stated that my bottom was looking like it might start to bruise or bleed, and none of us are into that.

I was finally permitted to get up, and I do not remember but I HOPE  I thanked her for my spanking. D then stood up and gave me a big hug (of forgiveness) ,and the European method of three ksses (mostly in the air) to both sides of my face while hugging.
Cindy took a couple of photos of my bottom, and when I looked at them, this showed my bottom as the reddest and completely covered with red.

We are so very fortunate to have visited with such a lovely couple, and hope to visit again sometime in the future.

And one last thought: due to various serious illnesses that D has had, their have, I believe, been no spanking of J occurring.

This is about to change, as D assigned two notches to J for behavior (at separate times, and when the total reaches 5, he is spanked.

I will explain more in a later post, as we have adopted many ideas from our friends, and I am also already at two notches.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Great description of the spanking she gave you. You were right about being the main attraction. I'm sure if there were any problems Cindy would have taken over the spanking but you accepted it well. After such a long time of talking to them then getting permission from Cindy to let her spank you, I have to ask how did it feel going across another lap, it would appear she using a few different implements she reached some good places. I hope Cindy took note and will keep your feet dancing. Thank you for the great post.

Styxman said...

Sounds like an exciting and unique experience for you. Very curious about what you were thinking during the spanking. What was it like for you to be spanked by someone other than your wife, and how did it feel to have Cindy and J watch you get it? Was it a turn-on being over D's knee? Did you feel embarrassment or excitement?

Red said...

archedone:glad you liked it.... more trepidation as the moment was arriving, specially waiting upstairs with your pants off. Once the spanking began, little time to think about anything except the spanks..
bottoms up

Red said...

Styxman: I guess this is something I should reflect on, and answer in another post
bottoms up

Danielle said...

Hi Red,
Just read your description of our little event.
I'd like to correct you on one thought. Me, touching the spankees bottom is essential to learn how to continue. More spanks by hand or start using an implement.

As for J.. he doesn't know yet but my favourite brush and a cane are waiting for him in the bedroom.

Red said...

Danielle: I somehow thought that, but could not put it into words. The hand was very effective, and then the implements had my feet dancing, and my mind consumed by the spanks.
Hope both you and J somewhat enjoyed the evening.
Thanks for being such wonderful hosts, and a pleasure to finally meet.
thank you for spanking me
Until we meet again
bottoms up