Happy Spanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and besides eating some turkey today,
so, when beckoned
be prompt in displaying your bottom
may you all be spanked by a loved one
and remember, it is for your own good, and the serenity of  a peaceful and loving household, even if guests are present who are permitted to watch
and you might say 
bottoms up


Baxter said...

Those of us that are spankees should thank those who are our spankers for caring about our well being. Being humans mean we make mistakes and cause hurt and should receive well executed spankings to correct behavior. So today I will thank my wife for the spankings as well as putting up with me for 31 years.

ronnie said...


Sending Happy Thanksgiving wishes you you and Cindy from friends across the pond.


Anonymous said...

Red hope you and Cindy had a good Thanks Giving. I agree one should be prompt in baring their bottom for the coming spanking. And if you don't want others to see you being spanked then behave.

Red said...

Baxter: perfectly stated. We have a little bit more that 40 years married...

Ronnie: thanks, and hope you had a wonderful day, even though it was not a holiday across the pond.

archedone: well said

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving (aka "Spanksgiving") was duly observed in our household - especially because B. (my sister-in-law) was visiting !