fun thoughts

This thought might make you smile
whereas coming home and seeing this by the door might alter your smile
Being asked sweetly by your wife to please come into the bedroom, and she has such a sweet smile
but your perspective changes as first you notice the paddle beside her, and then she picks it up with a determined look on her face

Hopefully their will be a warm-up first by hand
 before the fickle hand of fate :) really reddens your bottom
 and the main course has you holding the chair to prevent you from the natural instinct to run

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Red, I don't comment enough on your excellent blog. If I can get somewhere close to achieving what you have in your marriage I will be a very happy man.

Baxter said...

Great blog today.


Anonymous said...

A paddle or belt on display will give you butterflies. Then the conversation starts and you learn you will be bare bottom or naked and the position you will be in. Will you have to keep count of the spanks or start over? Will you have to thank her after each spank and ask for another? You will find out as she talks and you remove your clothes and get ready to accept a spanking and a very red and sore bottom.
Good post Red

Red said...

samniccny: we have had, and all still having a wonderful life. bThe spanking has only been in the last 12 or so years,bwhereas the previous 30 were also great. However, thanks, and please add to the discussion by telling everyone a little about your situation

Baxter: thanks
Archedone: such an accurate description, thanks for the description and the kind words
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

"A woman's work is never done" - especially because her man's work is seldom properly done ... hence the need for frequent use of the kitchen spoon, the hairbrush, the martinet, the maple switch or (if need be) the strap or the rattan cane !


Red said...

J: and you enjoy providing the correction
bottoms up