how to spank

This little gif of Audrey spanking Pixie shows a very thorough spanking being administered.
First: Audrey is using an excellent leg lock, so as Pixie cannot avoid the spanks
Audrey spanks Pixie

The wooden brush spanks three or four times on one cheek, then moves to the other cheek, and this cycle is repeated.
The entire bottom is red, so this is a spanking that any spankee would feel significantly and remember.
Enjoy imagining you are the spanker, or the spankee, or both.

You can see many more gifs like this at

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The NOTCH SYTEM (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) BY DANIELLE and now US!!! (maybe even by John)

An interesting idea! 

The idea behind a notch system is that little misbehaves earn a notch of a ruler, as practiced by Danielle and John. What happens is that John makes a mark on the ruler with a piece of chalk. The misdemeanor is explained to the person, so that they can try to avoid doing that same action again.

The idea is that the offense is not serious enough for an immediate full blown strong formal spanking, nor is it worth an ON THE SPOT spanking, which  is short but significant.

It's meaning is that the person is getting closer to a STRONG and formal spanking!

Danielle uses five notches, and when John has earned five notches, he is properly and formally spanked (hard).

The benefit of this plan is that one does not have to be unhappy, when a somewhat trivial misbehavior happens, and the main advantage is that one does not have to remember the reason for each notch, nor when each notch was earned.  Simply, the notch is there, and when the total is five, the spanking is given.

We are following this system by putting a mark on the calendar in the kitchen. It is done in pencil, and when the total reaches five, I will be spanked.

However, it does not have to reach five, and the number of notches are not erased if some significant behavior immediately warrants a strong spanking on its own.

Example of earning a notch: We were visiting with Danielle and John, and the cookies were laid out while tea was being served. John got up and took a cookie, without first offering them to guests. Danielle explained that this was a notch misbehavior, because he should have walked around with the plate before taking his.


We were at two notches, when Cindy stated that .[and it was more than a week ago when I started this post, such that I forget what had happened.... has moved you up to five notches]....It was not a major error, but still an error, and Cindy decided it was worth three notches.

Cindy had me lay out all of our leather implements, and first took me over her lap (bare bottomed of course), where she started with gusto with the leather heart shaped  metal studded paddle. Cindy has learned well from Danielle.

My feet were dancing extremely quickly, and I was owwing. Cindy commented on how she appreciated my showing that she was being effective.
Cindy used many flurry of strong spanks to one spot, and my bottom was truly on fire. Cindy also went much higher on my bottom than normal, and much lower visiting the top of the back of my legs. This is something you can do with leather, but never with wood.

Cindy, however, was not finished, she was simply switching leather implements. She decided on the roundish leather paddle, that has a piece of metal in it for added discomfort.

It was decided that I should go on all fours on the bed, in a manner that she could stand to the side and have a full swing with the paddle.  [Although Danielle had only spanked with me OTK, Cindy thought this would be more effective for this paddle. (IT WAS)

Cindy has learned that excessively quuick hard spanks to one spot is TRULY effective. After a few spanks my arms semi collapsed, as though I had been pushed forward. I was truly owwwing throughout. Cindy waited patiently as I slowly resumed the position, to recommence spanking with gusto. My pitching forward almost prone was totally involuntary, and occurred another two or three times before Cindy announced that I could get up now!

I immediately apologized once more, and thanked her for spanking me. She said I was welcome!

When permitted to look in the mirror, my bottom was a solid red right up to almost the top of my bottom, and beyond the join of legs to bottom. Cindy explained that she did not do the absolute top of my bottom,as we were going away to the beach on our holiday tomorrow, and thus she did not want the red showing out of my bathing suit.

In reality, I am thanking Danielle for demonstrating a thorough spanking to Cindy, but I can only say that while NOT being spanked. While being spanked, I am either not thinking whatsoever, or simply focused on the soreness in my bottom.
The above photo is me after a previous spanking, but now understand that the white heading between the cheeks is now crimson red, the red goes further out on both cheeks, and extend equally wide downwards to below the place where the top  of the legs meet the bottom.

Thank you Danielle. Thank you Cindy.

Apologies to John for re-igniting the spanking flame in Danielle.

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Happy Spanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and besides eating some turkey today,
so, when beckoned
be prompt in displaying your bottom
may you all be spanked by a loved one
and remember, it is for your own good, and the serenity of  a peaceful and loving household, even if guests are present who are permitted to watch
and you might say 
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a small spank says I LOVE YOU

A wonderful reaction to a small spank when about to leave

Excellent attitude of this woman. 
We should be grateful that men appreciate the beauty that we have. Much more if this man is Our Man!

And saying thank you is wonderful also. I love these old time movies where spankings are showing affection.
Whenever we are about to  go to sleep when in bed, In always give Cindy's bottom a couple of pats, and we both love it.
(Clark Gable never looked finer , but uncertain if this is Carole Lombard  or Joan Crawford)
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erections and spanking

I do not know where, but on some trip through tumblr land, I came upon these photos, with appropriate captions. The comments are NOT by me, but are similar to what I would say.

One other thing I like about these photos, is that in photo one, and in photo three, it appears that he has already been spanked, and yet still has an erection. (that used to happen with mild spankings maybe five years ago, but not now)


erection seems to be fading as she pauses for the camera.

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never go to sleep angry

This is a philosophy we have lived by.
first the explanation of why he is being spanked
then the spanking
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come here

Two words that  cause your heartbeat to quicken

Come here…

let your imagination imagine what follows
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choose your implement

I wonder if

A: you are told to retrieve a specific spanking implement(s) for your partner to spank you with,
B: are you told that you should choose the implement(s) that you will be spanked with.

C: your partner goes and retrieves the implement as you wait to be summoned over the kne(or whatever position that your partner desires.
D: or are you requested to retrieve all the normal spanking implements, and bare yourself to below hte knees, and assume the position, and await your partner

What  is your normal routine?

Mine is usually that Cindy requests I get at least two implements, if it is to be a more formal spanking over the knee in our bedroom, whereas on the spot spankings are with whatever is closest at hand.

Your description of your normal practice would be great for others to read
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being held in place

There are many different methods to keep a person in place while being spanked! But first,a spank from the  past
I wonder how many takes it took to get this scene correct. I would imagine Ricky wanted a number of retakes, and this looks like an excellent method, whereas Lucy might even had enjoyed it

Maybe a firm hold of the hair on his head will work
but  a woman's ponytail is made to order
She is not going anywhere
or maybe
Sometimes the arm over her waist reduces the desire to flee
but a high straight back chair, where neither his hands nor his feet touch the ground, will certainly keep him helpless
however, going to the following extreme is rather difficult if you live in the city
the one leg lock is effective

certainly is effective with a bath brush
if needed, sit on his back while you tan his hide
possibly holding her hand behind her back removes the fleeing scenario, as her friend waits for her spanking
or have a friend giving a helping hand
however, if you are to be strongly spanked, the idea of fleeing simply means a far worse spanking when you finally return
 and your smile for today
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thoughts to amuse and entertain

Some days, don't you wish life was this easy
The thought
can always be done in another way
our needs are
 so spank us whenever you feel it will help the situation..
and remember, both men and women can be spanked
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fun spanking thoughts

I believe it is wonderful to be told you are going to be spanked, when you are out somewhere, and having fun, with absolutely no reason except your partner wants to spank you, and it is consensual! (even if it causes a quickening heartbeat)
In my mind, at least
So, my wish to everyone who drops by this blog!!!
Remember, you can always volunteer for a spanking
because some  women and some men know that they need their partner to be assertive
 and if you asked me, (and nobody has)
 bottoms up

and make certain the person responds appropriately afterwards