home again

Just a quick post to let everyone know that I am back, and will tell about a few spankings soon. We had a wonderful time, with very hot weather, and rain only 2 days in a month, and only for parts of those two days.
so, for your pleasure to think about: as Ronnie and Hermione would say:
 and they might add
 remember, to keep the problems and bad behavior from occurring
 so spank that beautiful bottom
 in as many positions as you can think of
 and she or he will thank you
 and maybe even should kiss the hand of the spanker
bottoms up


always ready at home

The sight when you arrive home might be
 or she might intend to spank you with the frying pan
 but no matter how she intends to spank you, with a wooden hairbrush
 or by hand
 or a larger wooden brush
or even a wooden bath brush
the loving making afterwards is worth it
bottoms up


why you should pay your rent (women spanked photos)

if you fall in arrears
the fee might be a hand spanking with skirt up but panties on
 The spanking might be bare bottom in front of the other renters to let them know what happens to your read, if you are in arrears
 you better brace yourself for the spanking (bare bottomed)

 whether you are kneeling
 or having to stand for your spanking
you will be pleading that you will pay, please stop
but being naked and spanked shows you who is in charge
and you never knew the cane could hurt so BADDDD
kneel for cornertime in the middle of the room
and promise to pay on time in the future
bottoms up


one for my friend Ronnie

I saw these and thought of a naughty woman who enjoys being spanked.
I can imagine her emailing this to P!!!!!
 and for now, she will have to accept this until P gets home
bottoms up


nice (ladies day)

Ronnie, Hermione, and Bonnie, and so many more ladies enjoy being spanked!
Men enjoying watching a woman being spanked, but better yet, men would love to be able to spank women.
so enjoy the view


Humiliation is more painful than the blows. This is how it should be … 

This is the site these two gifs came from

If role play is your thing, along with spanking, you might enjoy this site.
bottoms up



A collection of tawses for you to contemplate
 being used
on your bottom
 be good
bottoms up


you are about to be spanked

You have agreed that you should be spanked when you misbehave, but express fear that the neighbors might hear!
Noise problem solved, come here
let the spanking begin
your bottom is ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!
 slowly you are permitted to rise after being spanked
you hold onto your bottom, trying to will away the pain, as you are ordered to stop holding your bottom and to go stand in the corner immediately
tearfully, you go quickly to the corner

you no longer care if the neighbors  heard or not
bottoms up


the kitchen spoon

I think that everyone that spanks their partner
and possesses this cooking utensil at home
enjoy using it
and also showing it to the spankee with a smile before it is used
however, if bared and holding it, it is more dread that the holder  has knowing it is about to be used on her bottom
it can be used with effect in the kitchen

or the bedroom
or any room in the house
afterwards, any other member of the house can be warned what will happen to them if they misbehave
 even if mother is visiting the newlyweds
and this applies to the ladies as well
bottoms up