captions about spanking

some fun captions
 philosophy 101
Audrey would agree
and this is so true
spanking involves discomfort and pain
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spanking thought for the day

TTWD (The Thing We Do)
if the bristle part makes the bottom that red, imagine what the wood part does
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fun spanking captions site to visit

another fun site, this one in black and white which is quite neat... and if you put a few together they can be a lot of fun

Such as:
and thus the follow-up
 your wife's first experience with discipline
 or possibly the look of dismay and fear when it is announced... (Ronnie however would be smiling)
 Your wife could get a telephone call at home, while your friend is visiting
 and she decides her friend should watch
and a word of warning before your spanking commences 
 and yes, do get the implement when requested, you are already going to be spanked, why make it a longer and harder spanking
go visit
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spanking thoughts

thought you might like this
 specially if they have s panking you on their mind!
 best bare that bottom immediately
and let them enjoy spanking you
this lady might even like to be spanked afterwards
 bottoms up (first the warm-up)
 then the real THING!!!


behavior training

We have followed this approach numerous times
 whether you use the cane for a quicky EFFECTIVE SPANKING
 a small paddle
 a hairbrush
or a delightfully frightful wooden paddle

it works
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if a man is pestering you

Just a few cute little methods to avoid unwanted attention
or you might say that first he has to prove his devotion to you, by agreeing to the following
and accept a caning, and only a caning this evening
if you take him home
if he agrees, he might be a keeper
and then smile
bottoms up


a Fair trade

Men always enjoy looking at women's breasts.

So, always be wiling to give it a try, if you are about to be given a good boy spanking. When she is sitting on a chair, waiting to spank you.. ask politely: "show them to me"

You may be delightedly surprised,  and then spanked
 and I might say
 very extensively spanked
 but the view is worth the spanking
you might enjoy this video ... I do

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after the spanking

First, presenting your bottom to be spanked, and awaiting your next spank. ( rather obvious who just received a spank)
 A photo from Sarah Gregory's  http://www.spankingsarahgregory.com/ site , as each lady is dealt with in turn
 two over the knee at one time...interesting to say the least
 and an old fashioned spanking scene to delight all males, and some females who wish they could join the line
and if cornertime is decided: the after the spanking cool down method
Rub, rub, rub!!!
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jokes and more

He said to a woman.... Why are married women heavier than single women?
She replied .. . .. Single women come home, see what's in the fridge and go to bed.
Married women come home, see what's in bed and go to the fridge. 

Care for another joke:

What's the fastest way to get off an Italian cruise ship?
Follow the captain naturally.
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Be happy while you spank him

Every person who is in a consensual spanking arrangement with their partner should enjoy spanking their partner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The spanker may be satisfying their enjoyment in exerting dominance,
or enjoy satisfying their partner's desire to being spanked
or enjoy the fact that spanking their partner helps solve a problem created by the spankee's behavior..
and will lessen the chance that this behavior will repeat itself...
All of the above is true, but realize I am happy after being spanked
just like these two women
so join her upstairs for fabulous sex
bottoms up