husband spanked: heart shaped studded leather paddle in action

I have finally found a gif of our heart shaped studded leather paddle in action

It was put to good use yesterday, in our house, and let me tell you that I was reacting far more than the gentleman above. Of course, this might just be the first two spanks, as his bottom does NOT appear to have any redness.

You can see, however, how nastily it wraps won the far cheek when spanked, and thus how effective it is when wrapping into the crack when spanking the cheek nearest to the spanker.

First, a little cornertime was scheduled, for me to ponder what was to occur, and set the correct tone.

The spanking was given simply because on had been given for a while, and as we are going away soon, best give some reminders of being always friendly and never let impatient grow.

This spanking started with the above paddle, and had me yipping and owwing almost immediately, and lasted for quite some time. I am having a little trouble with one shoulder, so we moved from chair to bed, so that I was prone over Cindy's knee, and the spanking recommenced with Cindy refreshed and eager.  My feet were dancing before she finally stopped, but it was then on to "old reliable".

This is a very heavy hard wood paddle, from the defunct dwc website, and I was  very vocal with each and every spank. Cindy went easier by not lifting her arm high, but she was able to give stronger wrist action spanks with follow through.

It was once again my love/hate moment. Everything I love about spanking was happening, but it is far nicer to dream about than actually be owwing for real, not for show. OWWing and moving ones feet are reactionary. I have no control over them whatsoever, and Cindy fortunately looks upon them as a show of approval on my part for her efforts.

When the spanking finally ended, I was permitted to look at my red bottom, and it was fiercely red everywhere, matching my red tee-shirt that I had been wearing. My bottom was this red, and with this much coverage of red, but just an older person than  this young man.
We then proceeded to kiss and cuddle, and made absolutely mind blowing love with mind blowing orgasms. Far superior orgasms to when we were younger and first married, where we did not know the triggers that truly work for each other, and now no longer have the timidity of being quiet as not knowing what words might turn our partner on even more, nor after a few years of marriage and being quiet so thew kids do not hear.

Life is wonderful, and the spanking lasted longer than it took to type this post, and |I am a slow typer.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Who gets to cover their bare bottom, not me, hands at side. I face the wall after a sound spanking, hands on head, display how red she makes my bottom. I can recall maybe two occasions where sexual activities took place afterwards. Both times after being told I can leave facing the wall she took hold of my erections and let me to the bedroom. I was told to slowly undress her or get another spanking, which I did with pleasure. I save the bra for last and once I drop it to the floor I enjoy her wonderful breast, sucking, licking, rubbing. She will then have me lay on my stomach and she rubs, licks my spanked bottom. She is always on top when I enter, I squirm and she enjoys it. Afterwards she will have me stand while she rubs cream on my still sore bottom and yes I must finish my corner time if I had not done before.

Michael M said...

Nice detective work. You got your hearts desire.

Anonymous said...

WOW Red that is a nice heart shaped paddle and your description of it's use is great. I could almost feel it going between my cheeks. I agree when the spanking reaches a certain state and your feet start kicking you have no control. And again you are right. I don't know if it's the empty nest or if the spanking brings out more in us but we are also more vocal both during spanking and sex and of course it happen in more than the bedroom. Great post thanks.

Peter Jameson said...


Red said...

anon: thanks for sharing.. sounds wonderful, and hope the sex after being spanked becomes more frequent.

Michael M: very true, and quite amazing to find a gif with that paddle in action

archedone: you are welcome, glad you liked the post

Peter: definitely
bottoms up