Hard day at the office ( smile and take your choice)

In keeping with Ronnie's theme from a couple of days ago...
This could be your office
or maybe this
 but then again, you might be the newest summer hire at the office, and this might be appropriate
 and they test more than just hair brushes
I wonder which office you would choose? Maybe a part-time job at each place, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon!
bottoms up


QBuzz said...

Couldnt it be the same office, where male middle managers get sucked by their secretaries, but spanked by the big boss when they miss their targets, or hesitate when ordered to perform some oral themselves...

Anonymous said...

I would accept a job at the second place, but would hope they have furniture that is more comfortable as I'm sure the testing would take some time.

Red said...

qbuzz: sounds like a wonderful office to work at.

archedone: no comfortable furniture allowed, it would make you like your job too much
bottoms up

Baxter said...

The last picture could be me. There is a woman who is a rank above me but not in my department who is mid to late 30s, a solidly built 6' tall blonde gorgeous, big tits, nice but, but an obnoxious bitch. I can imagine her bending me over her desk and her taking my leather belt to my bared bottom and roasting it. Nice fantasy followed by my licking her to orgasm. Oh well.

Red said...

baxter: just a sad point of life, that 30 years from now both of you might wished it to happen, but if offered, you would be fired. Pleasant dreams
bottoms up