Cindy spanked (spanking her, then making love)

As you may know, Cindy is occasionally spanked, and it is consensual! However, it  is very very in frequent. However, in looking back at my blog, it is not as infrequent as I imagined. You can look at the labels, and find 36 entries under Cindy spanked.

The last major spanking before this one was for leaving her shoes in the middle of the floor. You can read it here http://consensualspanking.blogspot.com/2013/08/cindy-spanked.html

My idea of a more major spanking is twenty good solid spanks (or  a few more) with the wooden hairbrush. Cindy is very reluctant to be spanked in this way, but does agree for something significantly wrong that she has had many chances to correct.

May I say that the shoes in the middle of the floor rarely occurs, and just a raised eyebrow, or look at them has her scurrying to put them away.

This spanking: I do the laundry. I like doing the laundry. I do NOT need any help in doing the laundry. This has developed over our married life, and I have been doing it for over 25 years. I take care of what can be washed with what, and what can go in the dryer, and what needs to be hung dry... (you get the point).

Cindy has the philosophy that anything goes with anything, and just get it done. While on vacation, she took the laundry that was wet, and tossed everything in the dryer, shrinking two good or should I say, great thin tee-shirts that were brand new, used only once. Cotton SHRINKS, specially fine cotton.

Unusable! $35 US each! I was annoyed immensely, but as we were with family, I had to accept and be quiet. Cindy promised never to do it again. She would look, and leave my good stuff alone.
This past weekend, I had a load of wash on, and was busy in the garden, so Cindy simply stuffed it all in the dryer. I already had clothes hanging on the line outside. One of my best collared teeshirts.. SHRUNK!!!

This time she would be spanked!

The spanking was nowhere like; this video, but it was fun for me, and hopefully will cause a change in her thought processes. I ask about her clothes, bras get placed in mesh bags, and hung on the rack indoors. Certain yoga pants cannot have softener.. The list is quite specific. My stuff!!! (please do not put my tee-shirts in the dryer, except certain VERY OLD ones, but best just leave them to me!
spanking her, then making love

The spanking was bare bottom, over the knee, with a little patting of her bottom , then the spanking, some fast in a row, and some well spaced out with a little lecture.
Her bottom was significantly red, but nowhere like Kailee's bottom in the  following little video.
The make-up sex was fabulous. The video has explicit sex!


bottoms up


Anonymous said...

If she is wrong, then she is wrong. I feel it's fabulous that she is willing to offer her bottom for spanking when she deserves it. I have not read the back posts, does Cindy do corner time after spanking? If not maybe she should to give her time to reflect.

Red said...

archedone: I would rather not push the thought too far, she might not let me spank her
bottoms up