a letter requesting a spanking

Spanking in our lifestyle is always a stop and go concept. I may be spanked significantly a couple of times in a week, and then no spanking for a couple of weeks or more.

Cindy has not warmed to the idea of a regular spanking day once a week, regardless of behavior, but does do a number of on the spot corrections for a short amount of spanks. These usually occur in the kitchen, when she is more stressed preparing a meal, and I am at my clumsiness best.

It may be that I do not come immediately when called, other times it is because I am in the way, other times that I should know better than too do...

However, spanking helps reduce my stress, and thus I ask for spankings at times, and Cindy always helps out. However, sometimes the spankings are short, and do not solve the problem.

Thus, I recently sent Cindy the following letter:

Hi sweetie:

We need to get back on track a little, and you are flying off the handle so to speak, instead of dealing with the problem.

I believe you need to give me a few real spankings, starting today, and whenever you decide. (I only ask that a spanking that is significant not happen until one hour after I have gotten up, so that my body has loosened up from being asleep.

You threw a fit about a shoe that was lost, upsetting yourself and me far more than a significant spanking would do!

My misbehavior last night should be dealt with!

A spanking should make me alter behavior.

It does not need to be followed by making love. (you can decide that I only orally please you, and we can make love another day.)

it should last for a few minutes, where you can pause and lecture a little (but only if you do not get more upset by lecturing), and you should use many rapid and many significant spanks.

Really, spanking me has helped make us more loving, and I desire that you spank me whenever you are unhappy with me, but not to fly off the handle stressing both of us immensely.
here are some links to watch real spankings. (the titles besides these clips are by the author of the tumblr, not by me)

Remember that these are models, but they are paid to take a significant spanking.




You told me this morning that you were gong to spank me. you were mad at what happened overnight. Follow through, please
your loving husband

I will describe the spanking I did receive in a day or two
bottoms up


Michael M said...

I would have thought your Mistress would have responded badly to this letter. You seem to be doing all the asking.
Anyway thanks for the links - I was unaware of these two sites.

Anonymous said...

I was seeing an older lady, she would say at times, a spanking would do you good, I would just smile ( I've always wanted to be spanked). The topic would come up during or sexual activity, and she would say well you not lying your penis sure gets hard and then the topic would be dropped. Finally after a evening out, getting ready for bed she stopped undressing and I still had my underpants on, she took my arm and said your wish is coming true and over her lap I went. She really spanked my bottom, leaving the underpants on. I finally said enough, she then pulled my underpants down and to my shock she applied a hairbrush to my bare bottom and I kicked, squirmed, begged, and soon just layed across her lap and felt the sting of the hairbrush. She stopped stood me up and notice I was limp, you may have wanted a spanking she said with a smile and you got that, but you needed a spanking and you got that also.
The next morning while squirming in the chair during breakfast, she layed down the rules, I softly agreed to each and everyone. Once breakfast was done, I got up to leave, and she stopped me, not done yet young man, I was told to face the wall, bare my bottom, I did as told, My wanting a spanking turned into being spanked, so watch what you want, and what others feel you need.

Anonymous said...

Good letter Red. I hope things get back on track for you and Cindy. Once in a while I'll go a week maybe two without a spanking. A few times after we have showered in the evening I've brought her the wooden spoon or hair brush and asked her if she would please give me a good spanking. My requests have never been put off.
OTK I go usually nude and my bottom is well taken care of.

Red said...

michael: My lover is my wife, and she uses spankings at times when needed, but sometimes we drift away form spankings, and then return. Best to ask whenever one feels the need to be spanked.
bottoms up

Red said...

anon: a wonderful arrangement, both when you want to be spanked, and when you need to be spanked. (these can and are frequently different occasions.
bottoms up

Red said...

archedone: yes, the request was well answered. Glad to know you also request if things drift away from spanking
bottoms up

Peter Jameson said...

great idea to write letters again!

Red said...

peter: definitely a good idea
bottoms up