Write a caption for a great photo

What do you imagine the conversation to be that is occurring on the telephone?
or, conversely, describe your thoughts as you listen to one half of the conversation, awaiting your spanking!
then smile

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

My caption for the first photo:

"Okay, so you're saying if I switch my gas and electric over to your company my new rate will be 6.25 cents per kilowatt hour?"


micheleFFS said...

Oh, yes, you did the right thing, sending her to me. I'll put the phone down so you can hear the final smacks and the pleading. Then I'm sure she'll be ready to apologize.


At the sixth stroke, the time will be....


Vfrat25000 said...

I have one of your saleswomen with me now. She tried to overcharge me. No you don’t need to do anything. I have taken care of it. Thank you.

Hi Honey. No, I’m not busy. Our neighbor and I are discussing her dog always running loose! I think I have solved the problem.

Dang, I forgot again. Spank with the brush and talk into the phone. I hate multi-tasking!

Now please get it straight this time, extra mushrooms, extra cheese and thin crust. Your first delivery person found out what happens when you mess up a pizza order. Please hurry, I’m very hungry!

Yes, I agree to spank some sense into that bratty sister of yours! I’m working on it right now. What do you mean your sister will arrive in about 30 minutes! Who do I have turned over my knee?

Vfrat25000 said...

Reference the Winebulance:

Nurse….I need a bottle of Merlot-Chilled and will someone PLEASE get me a corkscrew STAT! Hurry nurse…hurry……The patient is reaching for a Budweiser. Oh what inhumanity!

Anonymous said...

I'll call you back, I'm in the middle of something, yes it is my daughter, you saw her come home late last night, her boyfriend, well he is next. Thank's will call back later.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry my daughter was rude to you. I'm taking care of the matter as we speak, I have her across my knee bare bottom and have a hair brush to spank her with. If you desire I'll lay the phone down and you can listen to her being spanked.

Baxter said...

Please hold all calls and appointments. I am dealing with a personnel issue right now. Yes, this person is getting what you got last week and may need to borrow that pillow you are sitting on right now. Ignore the unusual sounds coming from my office as they were the same as yours last week.

Red said...

spanked husband: spanking is so often, that it pauses for other business, and then continues. Interesting

micheleffs: it would be great to hear a person being spanked, who had done something unacceptable..

perfectdt: hope it is a 24 hour time clock in future, and much later in the day

Vfrat25000 : great, really love the one of dealing with a neighbor...

anon: too bad the mother did not say \i am in the process of spankng my 18 year old daughter...

archedone: certainly would cut down on rudeness

baxter; what a great office ot work at
thanks everyone
bottoms up

naughtycharlie said...

Yes, I have her over my knee right now. I have pulled her skirt up, and I have pulled her pantyhose down to mid-thigh. For right now, her panties are still up. I am holding a hairbrush. She is waiting for as long as it pleases me. I like seeing her like this. She's thinking about how my hand and this hairbrush are going to be stinging her. Oh, yes, I'm going to give her a long, thorough spanking. Would you like to hear me spank her? I'll put the phone down up close, so you can hear absolutely everything.

Red said...

naughtycharlie: delightful, and the conversation would be oh so embarrassing for the young lady.
bottoms up