women waiting to spank you

The corollary of yesterday's post is necessary: you will be spanked
whether it is in the kitchen with a spatula or a spoon

 whether the bath brush is shown
or simply awaits
whether the woman is eager to spank you or down right determined

whether the hair brush or the slipper

or could it be the tawse that awaits
or the belt
or even a trip to the woodshed is your fate
maybe the flogger
 or a determined women with multiple implements

Maybe the riding crop
 and this look states you will be very sorry
 or maybe the paddle will be used at the bar by your partner who borrows it for immediate use
but that happy maiden waitress might enjoy spanking of your bottom
 just realize the lickin stick is going to work wonders
 and a leather paddle has it's own magic
and the cane will have you begging her to stop

enjoy the thoughts, before the reality stikes bottom
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Sitting in the chair, hairbrush in hand that is how my wife does it, A long scolding, she always bares my bottom, part of the punishment. Sure I have an erection each time, but that is soon gone. I'm not able to sit comfortably for a day or two and only allowed a short time to rub my spanked bottom until sent to face the wall. What pictures you need to show is just that, the after the spanking, the spanking dance, rubbing a spanked bottom, facing the wall, the scolding prior to.

Baxter said...

all great pictures that are arousing to say the least. Pix of women holding spanking implements with certain looks on their faces are enjoyable to look at.

Anonymous said...

All good pictures Red. We know the spanking is deserved and yes we even want it. Standing nude or panties at knees while being scolded for what we did wrong. Knowing that soon we will be across that lap or maybe bent over the bed, our bottoms arched out giving her better access to apply the implement. Then the sting and the spanking dance, then if allowed the rubbing prior to corner or display position. But after the air is clean and we are happy again.

spankedbywife said...

Love the women who are pictured as ready to apply some corporal punishment. They are just plain hot (well, at least to me). And if they are pointing to their lap while holding a hairbrush, well, where do I get in line?

Red said...

anon: I occasionally post these different scenarios. thanks for commenting

Baxter: definitely enjoyable to look at.

archedone: always good to clear away the problems with a spanking

spankedbywife: they are very hot to me as well
bottoms up